Vacations? Really?

As you have noticed my last day of blogging was like a week ago, right? Well that is due to the fact that I'm on a week vacation with my family out of the area metro here. You know trying to do "turismo interno" help the economy etc...

While you are on vacation you try to go away have fun, rest, for long periods and enjoy the facilities. Yeah that is the ideal of a vacation. Last Friday we head up to the municipality of Isabela to a resort called Costa Dorada. Also check this link. I have been on Costa Dorada in other occasions but this one was the WORST ever.

Why I can say this?

  • The night we arrived here guess what we went to sleep turned on the A/C to beat the hot weather outside. But hey what happens at 1am the electricity goes down until like 10am in the morning. So sweet of them trying to help the environment, right? Umm, NO! Also the cupboard are all ruined too.
  • The glorious TV set. Yeah, that haves to work well, right? Well no.. the freaking remote control doesn't even work well not even with new batteries. So much fun. It is analog but we have DirecTV but they only have Vh1, MTV and Starzs. Like a day ago the signal was fucked up all morning. It was fixed at 5pm. Thank You! We took our DVD player with us as always and found a RedBox video rental. They do have a video rental on the "pueblo" but it opens after 4pm and closes at 10pm. Besides we already had an issue with that on other visit we did some time ago.
  • Ouh the BlackWhole we have here is incredible we have to actually go outside the complex to make or receive an actual call. If you dare to do it from the room they will rip your pocket apart. So you are like in this modern cavern. Woohoo!
  • Internet. Yeah by this time in the century we are in you would guess that if this place is a tourist oriented place they should have a good internet service. Umm not quite. I have to go to the hotel lobby sit there and grab the unsecured signal that I get. Away from the lobby don't even dream about it.  They say that "soon" they will have in all rooms... right! I think my sister and I even burned a plug with all the charge we put into it. They are all connected to one place it seems. You can see all the electric orange extensions "hidden" on the plants on the lobby.
  • The restaurant. It opens from Friday to Sunday. The rest of the week it is all missing in action. So If you want to eat something, drink something gather up there well you rather do it in your room from  Friday to Sunday.
  • To top all this "fine" accommodations I got sick, As I write this I'm burning in fever with the A/C off. I hardly get sick on my normal habitat. My spinal column is crying for my bed. Every morning I don't even know how to get out of the bed. It hurts all over. The only one having a blast on this vacations is Sondag that wasn't even supposed to be here at all.

You might think that I'm complaining way too much but I think that I can complain the stay here wasn't for free and this is the Villa Area... soo get the picture? Then this company wonder why people aren't staying on the local resorts and prefer to take an airplane go to any other place. I mean you can get any of this services for $60 a night in most Inns on US.

The presentation is also important. Chairs need new fabric. They need new lamps. The maids are cool humble NICE people and employees are good but, the actual complex needs to be redone like NOW! Put it more modern, up to date with tourist needs. That families actually want to spend time there and would go there again. They are running out of employees and one of them haves to do around 55 rooms [including the Villas] alone. The pool that is in front of me they only cleaned it like one day. They have a beach but read the small letters it is so dangerous they don't recommend you to use it. At all.

I think this goes around other places in the Puerto Rico. You have to get yourself together Tourism Company and all the people covered by them. Then they go around saying and spreading to the world "Puerto Rico lo hace mejor" and honestly you can really do it better if you lower your staying prices and spend some money on remaking the place. You will see there will be people making lines to stay at your place. We don't like to be compared but check this last year I went to Florida, US and stayed with great part of my family. We were like 15 including kids. We paied $600 for a week in a house that included a private pool, 6 rooms, 4 bathrooms, doble door garage it. I had 4 rooms 2 bathrooms on the second floor and 2 rooms / 2 bathrooms on the lower level, also a nice living room, dinner room and a great spacious kitchen w/ everything.

So it is up to the locals if they want to invert on their own business, help themselves, their employees and help out a little the economy. Make great webpages spend some money on them make them the visitor dream come true and keep it like that when they visit the place. That way they will give a good word for the place. Think about it.

That is all  have to say. Thanks!

BTW: I will post pics later on. I can't get them out of the mobile phone. Meh!