Things I've Learned: July 28 2009

I havent done this Things I've learned kind of post since November of 2008. I think that is a darn long time. Good thing is that I have really learned a lot of things. Some good... some bad but hey that is life and everything becomes important to whatever you do in your life. So here we go again.

  1. Music still is the best way to beat down many things. Don't you never ever doubt that.
  2. Cats are amazing creatures. You can learn to live from them. Just do thing dont take everything too serious. Get bored often and start new things. Things that do captivate your attention but keeps you moving forward. Be adventurous and curious but be careful.
  3. You don't have to love or like everybody. You can be everyone friend and everyone enemy.
  4. You can wash your screens on your shower. Believe me I tried it and loved it. Less time LESS mess.
  5. Water is your best friend. Keep hydrated.
  6. You are just getting older don't pretend you don't feel it. Just go with the flow and act your age but do have fun.
  7. If you like music but are tired of the freaking mainstream tunes... support your local musicians. Myspace is a really good place for that. At least here in Puerto Rico.
  8. Pets are so expensive... $200 to travel any place on a plane NO thank you...
  9. Don't go out on the street at 4am with a four track vehicle it could ruin your life. Learned that from another person. To see what happened to the person is enough lesson for me.
  10. It is strange when your friends parents don't know their own sons/daughters. Extremely strange when they have or have made all this ideas of their kids and it doesn't even match to what you know about them... wicked.
  11. This You.. whatever channels are awesome.. if you know what I mean. 
  12. I need a desk to use my laptop like NOW.
  13. When siblings are independent before you are independent they will think they are the big authoritative figure on the siblings matter. Which is so worng.
  14. Tim Burton still and will always rock.
  15. Harry Potter The Half-Blood Prince movie was way to much into romance. We needed more action and violence on the flick. Take note next director who ever you turn out to be.
  16. Twitter keeps getting bigger and bigger like the ego of some people there. Darn. Still I always find this AWESOME people worth following. If you are on my list you know who I am talking too. <3 you guys.
  17. Michael Jackson died and it was an homicide... ujum.. true... sadly.
  18. Shipping can kill your motivation on selling items.
  19. Etsy works like the seniority plans on things. Only the ones that have been there for the longest get the best stuff there.
  20. Having a Blog does change your life for good or worst. You will change only if you dedicate some time to it.
  21. Thera Flu is a life saver.
  22. Dumbledore was gay? Didn't knew that. Oh Rowling... your twist and turns are wicked indeed. Awesome!
  23. Blue M&M's could somehow help out with spine injuries. Yeah.. read here.