It's been quite awesome long day.

It is still 4:29 pm. Quite a long day for me. Woke up at 5:00am 'cause I was going with my mother to her appointment at the Hospital. I almost fell sleep on the waiting area Still when I was like right about to actually sleep somebody came in and didn't let me. I played the game until 8am that we got out of there.

Then when I get home it was 8:45am. I just realized I was supposed to be getting up at that time. My painting projects went overboard so I got online twittered like I always do. It is almost 11:30 am and I have to go out again this time with my father to his eye doctor appointment. I try to help him choose his new glasses but we didn't liked any of them so probably he will go to other place to get the frame then take them back to the eye doctor. Veterean Administration haves to be more trendy. Their soldiers need to be more trendy so work on that.

Good thing about todays day was some mail that I got. This are extremely good news for me. I got this email from this company called they are from Portland, Oregon and the make tattoos on objects. They came accross my aaccount and liked my artworks with sharpies. Yey! So they kind of invited/requested me for some info to see if we can work something together. This is totally awesome and makes me really happy. I still have to talk to some friends [@lherrero, @charlesgustav and @nativiris] and ask them about some legal advice on all this things. Still I am quite honored.

If that wasn't already good news I also got this note from HUGO-Gallery on my account for an invitation to a contest from with Hugo Boss. Could you believe that 'cause I still can't. They sent me the info and the winner image/design/graphic will be published in I.D. Magazine [International Desing Magazine]. The info says that this is the Theme Round 10: Simplicity of this contest. I have to confess I never heard/read about this magazine but hey it looks cool and it seems it is a really hype/important magazine. Therefore I am again faltered to be "invited" to this contest. The piece that caught their attention was a drawing I made in 2006 named "The City" which I really enjoyed doing.

After reading all this good notes and emails I have to admit that my time spent on and on the internet is finally paying off somehow. It also gives me the reason when I try to tell others to keep their deviantart accounts updated cause you never know who might end up interested on your works.

Well it is 4:55pm and the day still keep going on. Who knows what else is there for me next before the clock turns in to 12am.


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