Crashing at La Respuesta

Anoche antes de ir a La Respuesta con unas amistades [@dr_zu, @joeprog, @robertr and Susie] pasamos por el Haggen Daaz de Condado a comer unos icecreams. Todavia ahora no puedo creer que nos hayan dado nos dieran una mesa con menu y todo para comer dos bolas de mantecado. Ahh y servido en copa... what the hell!? Still I loved the belgian chocolate icecream it is darn good.
After that we got to La Respuesta and had a blast. The bands playing were Similar, Fantasmes, Carambola and Go Organ who close the night... well morning. I am really looking forward to visit their links and check them out. All the music rolled awesomely.

Fantasmes had their fan club all there. They filled the place with excellent moody melodies. I could have spent all night listening to them with out it being a torture. On the contrary it was a blessing. I wanted to paint while I was listening to it. Check this song called A Sinister Garden [click to download it]. Go Organ did a tribute to Michael Jackson Thriller in a very hip gamer sound way. The crowed loved it. You had to be there to see them "dancing". It was a fun night. Thanks guys.