Can't wait to see Alice.

I guess that everyone have already seen the Alice in Wonderland teaser trailer by now it is like everywhere. I am just posting about it cause back on 2007 I posted about it here on the blog. I remember it was just a dream an idea and now it is all true.

Tim Burton — who is currently finishing his work on the movie musical "Sweeney Todd" — has signed with Disney to direct three-dimensional versions of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Frankenweenie", according to reports.

The teaser is everything and more of what I or I dare to say everyone have expected. The colors, characters designs everything seems to finally found home and its own little perfect creator. Tim Burton once again gives us another excellent movie. Confirming that he is one of the best directors of this times.

There are just some movies that you know only some directors can direct. This is the case of Alice in Wonderland. Disney was really smart getting Mr. Burton to direct this. They nailed it with him. We will just have to wait until next year to see the movie all finished but for what we have seen we know that this will become a new Disney Classic instantly. I am glad cause youngsters will finally see the real Alice in Wonderland. The real colorful darkness in it.

Here is the teaser trailer in HD. There are some posters of the movie around the internet representing some of the characters. It will be a total shocker to see all this images popping on the screen since it is done in 3D.