At the office...

Last night I just got the news that work was available so I got all happy and fuzzy inside. This morning I got up early at 6:30am just in case I missed the alarm. I get ready very happy to work again cause I like my work but I love more they pay check which is not much but better than not having money at all.

Thing is that I arrive all happy about it then I open my office door to find a mess. Empty boxes around. Things werent the way I left them. The work was there but not organized. Chairs all over. I dont have the trays I need for my chores. So I see that some other stuff is not were it should be so I asked. Did they removed stuff from here. The reply was a simple Yes.. nothing more.
So I wonder... why yo need my phone for then. You just go inside take whatever you want. Then you can't even place things were you find them. If you empty some boxes I think the less that you can do is to put them in the trash can at least don't leave them there. If you go around saying that I am in charge just to sound like you are a good boss but you don't consider me whats is the deal then? Yeah they all love me here but they don't seem to respect me.

I just wish it was friday already. I know this are simple things but I am trying to keep an order here and some are just not helping at all. I might have to do some serious talking here. I don't go to other people places to make a mess. In all the years I have here this past two have been the most awkward all the way. I was suppose to have more control of my area but seems that everyone here can be a boss while they don't even work in the area anymore.

Then they wonder why I go on vacation whenever I want the time I want. I was thinking of staying for a trip I was invited. You know I might have work and I need the money etc. You try to be extremely responsible then things like this happen so frequently and makes me reconsider my options and well I think I am going. It seems I am not needed that much here. Right? Not quite. They dont know how to do half of my work and if they try to do it they will fail miserably. Not because I haven't been able to teach them how to it but because they just dont want to learn. I gave up on that long time ago.