Friday, July 31, 2009

Traveling and Söndag

Its been a while since I posted something related to my beloved Söndag so this post is about her. I am leaving to US for vacations in a week. I will have to leave her all by herself on my house for two weeks. My sister will check up on her between days. Still I am so worried maybe for no reason but I think that she will miss me and well the people in the house. She spends most of the day alone but when I get back from work I always spend time with her. we play until she wants to go on her own.

I think she even knows/feel somehow that I am leaving soon or something cause this past few days she always meows me when I get home. She is actually demanding attention. Something she hardly ever does. Maybe cause she knows there will be someone around. She is always at the door waiting for me. Last night I even had to sleep with here until she went to her bed. She laid besides me resting over my arm and all. She havent done that in quite some time. I am really worried cause I think it is way too much time away from her.

I got her some water/food dispenser so she wont have problem with that. I wish that airlines didn't charged that much for pets. It is an outrage. My ticket plane was even cheaper than a pet ticket. To ask for a $100 dollar ticket for each way? My whole trip ticket was $89 & $69 so you do the math. I didn't believe that going on vacation while having a pet would be this hard. Honestly it is like having a kid. You want to make sure they are safe. It is kind of crazy, but you are trying to be responsible.

Anyways I was picking up my luggage and Söndag decided to jump in for a while. I miss her already. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I've Learned: July 28 2009

I havent done this Things I've learned kind of post since November of 2008. I think that is a darn long time. Good thing is that I have really learned a lot of things. Some good... some bad but hey that is life and everything becomes important to whatever you do in your life. So here we go again.

  1. Music still is the best way to beat down many things. Don't you never ever doubt that.
  2. Cats are amazing creatures. You can learn to live from them. Just do thing dont take everything too serious. Get bored often and start new things. Things that do captivate your attention but keeps you moving forward. Be adventurous and curious but be careful.
  3. You don't have to love or like everybody. You can be everyone friend and everyone enemy.
  4. You can wash your screens on your shower. Believe me I tried it and loved it. Less time LESS mess.
  5. Water is your best friend. Keep hydrated.
  6. You are just getting older don't pretend you don't feel it. Just go with the flow and act your age but do have fun.
  7. If you like music but are tired of the freaking mainstream tunes... support your local musicians. Myspace is a really good place for that. At least here in Puerto Rico.
  8. Pets are so expensive... $200 to travel any place on a plane NO thank you...
  9. Don't go out on the street at 4am with a four track vehicle it could ruin your life. Learned that from another person. To see what happened to the person is enough lesson for me.
  10. It is strange when your friends parents don't know their own sons/daughters. Extremely strange when they have or have made all this ideas of their kids and it doesn't even match to what you know about them... wicked.
  11. This You.. whatever channels are awesome.. if you know what I mean. 
  12. I need a desk to use my laptop like NOW.
  13. When siblings are independent before you are independent they will think they are the big authoritative figure on the siblings matter. Which is so worng.
  14. Tim Burton still and will always rock.
  15. Harry Potter The Half-Blood Prince movie was way to much into romance. We needed more action and violence on the flick. Take note next director who ever you turn out to be.
  16. Twitter keeps getting bigger and bigger like the ego of some people there. Darn. Still I always find this AWESOME people worth following. If you are on my list you know who I am talking too. <3 you guys.
  17. Michael Jackson died and it was an homicide... ujum.. true... sadly.
  18. Shipping can kill your motivation on selling items.
  19. Etsy works like the seniority plans on things. Only the ones that have been there for the longest get the best stuff there.
  20. Having a Blog does change your life for good or worst. You will change only if you dedicate some time to it.
  21. Thera Flu is a life saver.
  22. Dumbledore was gay? Didn't knew that. Oh Rowling... your twist and turns are wicked indeed. Awesome!
  23. Blue M&M's could somehow help out with spine injuries. Yeah.. read here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

En fin de que trato el libro?

NOTE: Warning posibles SPOILERS de la pelicula en casi todo el post. Estan advertidos.

Llegue hace poco mas de una hora a mi casa de ver la pelicula Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. La pelicula estaba buena y pues te dicen quien es el Half Blood Prince. Los efectos quedaron como siempre SUPER buenos e impresionantes. Buena direccion, los actores como en las demas fueron excelentes y todo el rollo muy bueno.
Ahora la historia en relacion al libro es otra cosa. No estaba esperando que lo hicieran igual. Eso es imposible por el tiempo y todo eso lo puedo entender. Desarrollaron a los personajes y mostraron lo grandes que estan ya y it was about time porque ya no estan pequenhos.

Para mi en lo personal en relacion a la historia y de lo que trata la pelicula fue MUY mala. Porque? Pues encuentro que se estacionaron o desarrollaron mas los love triangles y de los muchachos. Eso no es malo porque en el libro pues sale pero que de la historia del Half Blood Prince. En ningun momento hablan de el. Bueno sacando la parte en que Hermione se pregunta quien era el Half Blood Prince a quien el libro pertenece. Lo hicieron ver como que ella queria saber solo por el hecho de que Harry estaba quedando mejor que ella en la clase, No le pusieron o le dedicaron el tiempo y explicacion necesaria esta cuestion.

Me pregunto si las personas que no leyeron el libro se tragaron el cuento de al final cuando Snape dice que es el Half Blood Prince y con eso resolvimos el acertijo de a quien le pertenecio el libro y ya. Yo no quede satisfecha. El libro se basa totalmente en la investigacion de encontrar quien diablos es este principe y en el pasado de Voldemort. Este libro es TODO acerca de Snape y en la pelicula si sale como 5 veces es mucho. Que mierda!

Si de verdad quieres saber ver y entender como el libro llego a estar ahi y conocer a el Prof. Snape TIENES que leer el libro. La pelicula no dice nada sobre el personaje de Snape nada que no se sepa q no soporta a Harry y mas nada. El libro enfatiza el porque Snape no tolera a Harry que en fin es producto de la relacion escolar que tubo Snape James [el padre de Harry]. Fue como ver una novela. Es mas nisiquiera ensenharon el funeral de Dumbledore algo q en el libro es un capitulo importante y HELLO! Dumbledore era importante y tampoco le dedicaron time ni pa enterrarlo.

Espero que con esta ultima pelicula no vayan a fucked up everything. No se si ya estoy mezclando movies haha porque hace mucho que lei el libro pero se que dejaron MUCHAS cosas afuera que pudieron darle importancia. It is all about the story you are telling and satisfy the reader. A mi como lectora no me gusto la pelicula pero si no tengo idea de que es el libro pues awesome movie.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can't wait to see Alice.

I guess that everyone have already seen the Alice in Wonderland teaser trailer by now it is like everywhere. I am just posting about it cause back on 2007 I posted about it here on the blog. I remember it was just a dream an idea and now it is all true.

Tim Burton — who is currently finishing his work on the movie musical "Sweeney Todd" — has signed with Disney to direct three-dimensional versions of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Frankenweenie", according to reports.

The teaser is everything and more of what I or I dare to say everyone have expected. The colors, characters designs everything seems to finally found home and its own little perfect creator. Tim Burton once again gives us another excellent movie. Confirming that he is one of the best directors of this times.

There are just some movies that you know only some directors can direct. This is the case of Alice in Wonderland. Disney was really smart getting Mr. Burton to direct this. They nailed it with him. We will just have to wait until next year to see the movie all finished but for what we have seen we know that this will become a new Disney Classic instantly. I am glad cause youngsters will finally see the real Alice in Wonderland. The real colorful darkness in it.

Here is the teaser trailer in HD. There are some posters of the movie around the internet representing some of the characters. It will be a total shocker to see all this images popping on the screen since it is done in 3D.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Project: Puerto Rico TwitterPages

Desde que entre a twitter abri mi cuenta y comence a usarla siempre note que el encontrar gente era un lio. Usar el search para buscar no me hacia las cosas facil tampoco. La otra opcion era de ir persona por persona y buscar entre sus seguidores. Pero a fin de cuentas siempre era un desorder mil paginas abiertas y terminaba sin ganas de seguir buscando gente.
No fue hasta el viernes pasado mientras arreglaba mis #followfridays por areas o sea techies, arte, divas, guys, iphone lover etc me dije creo que hace falta un directorio para no pasar tanto trabajo y Eureka. Tan brillante yo me envolvi en un magnanime projecto [sin querer queriendo] que termine llamandolo Puerto Rico TwitterPages. Extranhamente todo el site es en ingles aun cuando el main target es la gente de Puerto Rico.

En fin el objetivo es registrar la mayoria o todos los usuarios de Twitter de Puerto Rico [ya sea que hayan nacido aqui, se hayan criado aqui o solo vivan aqui]. Porque? Porque no? Entiendo que muchos tienen negocios, empresas, ofrecen servicios de muchas clases, son musicos, artistas y todos tienen algo que compartir y contribuir para bien a los demas. Espero que se convierta en una herramienta util asi como lo son las paginas amarillas locales. Una guia social y de utilidades infinitas.

Hasta ahora el respaldo ha sido muy bueno. La gente sigue enviado su informacion. Yo me tome el atrevimiento de anhadir a algunas personas y las use como base de ejemplos para que los que se interesaran vieran que es algo serio y que se puede lograr. Asi que tres dias despues ya el projecto esta LIVE and running. Veo que esto tiene futuro y se que se le podra sacar mas de lo que uno se puede imaginar. Pero mientras tanto voy a pasos solidos para no perder el control y estrellarme.

Puerto Rico TwitterPages esta dividido por categorias como Art, Blogs, Education, Technology, Tourism and many more. Other categories will be included as people keep sending their information. Requierments to join are that you had to be born here, lived here or currently live here in Puerto Rico. For more information you can visit the page and leave a message on any of the available pages to do that or @Reavel.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crashing at La Respuesta

Anoche antes de ir a La Respuesta con unas amistades [@dr_zu, @joeprog, @robertr and Susie] pasamos por el Haggen Daaz de Condado a comer unos icecreams. Todavia ahora no puedo creer que nos hayan dado nos dieran una mesa con menu y todo para comer dos bolas de mantecado. Ahh y servido en copa... what the hell!? Still I loved the belgian chocolate icecream it is darn good.
After that we got to La Respuesta and had a blast. The bands playing were Similar, Fantasmes, Carambola and Go Organ who close the night... well morning. I am really looking forward to visit their links and check them out. All the music rolled awesomely.

Fantasmes had their fan club all there. They filled the place with excellent moody melodies. I could have spent all night listening to them with out it being a torture. On the contrary it was a blessing. I wanted to paint while I was listening to it. Check this song called A Sinister Garden [click to download it]. Go Organ did a tribute to Michael Jackson Thriller in a very hip gamer sound way. The crowed loved it. You had to be there to see them "dancing". It was a fun night. Thanks guys.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been quite awesome long day.

It is still 4:29 pm. Quite a long day for me. Woke up at 5:00am 'cause I was going with my mother to her appointment at the Hospital. I almost fell sleep on the waiting area Still when I was like right about to actually sleep somebody came in and didn't let me. I played the game until 8am that we got out of there.

Then when I get home it was 8:45am. I just realized I was supposed to be getting up at that time. My painting projects went overboard so I got online twittered like I always do. It is almost 11:30 am and I have to go out again this time with my father to his eye doctor appointment. I try to help him choose his new glasses but we didn't liked any of them so probably he will go to other place to get the frame then take them back to the eye doctor. Veterean Administration haves to be more trendy. Their soldiers need to be more trendy so work on that.

Good thing about todays day was some mail that I got. This are extremely good news for me. I got this email from this company called they are from Portland, Oregon and the make tattoos on objects. They came accross my aaccount and liked my artworks with sharpies. Yey! So they kind of invited/requested me for some info to see if we can work something together. This is totally awesome and makes me really happy. I still have to talk to some friends [@lherrero, @charlesgustav and @nativiris] and ask them about some legal advice on all this things. Still I am quite honored.

If that wasn't already good news I also got this note from HUGO-Gallery on my account for an invitation to a contest from with Hugo Boss. Could you believe that 'cause I still can't. They sent me the info and the winner image/design/graphic will be published in I.D. Magazine [International Desing Magazine]. The info says that this is the Theme Round 10: Simplicity of this contest. I have to confess I never heard/read about this magazine but hey it looks cool and it seems it is a really hype/important magazine. Therefore I am again faltered to be "invited" to this contest. The piece that caught their attention was a drawing I made in 2006 named "The City" which I really enjoyed doing.

After reading all this good notes and emails I have to admit that my time spent on and on the internet is finally paying off somehow. It also gives me the reason when I try to tell others to keep their deviantart accounts updated cause you never know who might end up interested on your works.

Well it is 4:55pm and the day still keep going on. Who knows what else is there for me next before the clock turns in to 12am.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At the office...

Last night I just got the news that work was available so I got all happy and fuzzy inside. This morning I got up early at 6:30am just in case I missed the alarm. I get ready very happy to work again cause I like my work but I love more they pay check which is not much but better than not having money at all.

Thing is that I arrive all happy about it then I open my office door to find a mess. Empty boxes around. Things werent the way I left them. The work was there but not organized. Chairs all over. I dont have the trays I need for my chores. So I see that some other stuff is not were it should be so I asked. Did they removed stuff from here. The reply was a simple Yes.. nothing more.
So I wonder... why yo need my phone for then. You just go inside take whatever you want. Then you can't even place things were you find them. If you empty some boxes I think the less that you can do is to put them in the trash can at least don't leave them there. If you go around saying that I am in charge just to sound like you are a good boss but you don't consider me whats is the deal then? Yeah they all love me here but they don't seem to respect me.

I just wish it was friday already. I know this are simple things but I am trying to keep an order here and some are just not helping at all. I might have to do some serious talking here. I don't go to other people places to make a mess. In all the years I have here this past two have been the most awkward all the way. I was suppose to have more control of my area but seems that everyone here can be a boss while they don't even work in the area anymore.

Then they wonder why I go on vacation whenever I want the time I want. I was thinking of staying for a trip I was invited. You know I might have work and I need the money etc. You try to be extremely responsible then things like this happen so frequently and makes me reconsider my options and well I think I am going. It seems I am not needed that much here. Right? Not quite. They dont know how to do half of my work and if they try to do it they will fail miserably. Not because I haven't been able to teach them how to it but because they just dont want to learn. I gave up on that long time ago.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Greg from found my History Channel drawing on my moleskine pretty cool.
He used it for his Expedition Africa Season Finale Tonight entry on his tumblr page.
I hope everyone had the decency to add credits to the artists.
Good to know there are still people with intelligence on the internet.
Visit him and enjoy his blog!

From shirt to pillow.


So I had this shirt that was black with magenta stripes on it. I never got to wear the shirt cause it didnt fit me as planned. I have been seen this lately a lot on the handmade sites so I decided to give it a try.
Rather than throwing it away I was about to make a tote bag with it but then decided I wanted a decorative pillow. So here you have it the Golden Tree pillow. It measures 23in wide x 13in tall. All hand sew and I painted the tree with metallic gold acrylic. On the back it haves some nice button that you can actually unbutton but it is mostly for decor. Hope you like it.
If you are interested on taking this awesome trendy pillow home you can check it out on the shop.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I’m the only one in love.

"This song tells my story...
Don't you ever tell me that you love me again.
I can't stand another I love you from you."
- Reavel

In the other hand... I love Adele voice. This is what good music is about. Great voice and songs with real meaning. She doesn't need a fancy studio she gots her voice. She doesn't need arrangements and extra voices she got everything she needs. TALENT and a REAL voice. Love the fact that she is actually normal in shape and doesnt need to be half naked to sell music. She is the music.

Can you tell I have fallen in love with her music. Umm.. yeah! Sadly I didn't payed attention to her before like I should. I saw once the video for Chasing Pavement [great song too and you should see this video of the accoustic version] but didn't watched it all. This song belongs to the CD titled 19 and you should get it if you love great music and people that can actually sing their hearts out. Seems I will have to pay attention to VH1 JumpStart more often at least to check on the new music so I don't miss the good stuff they sometimes put there.

Song: Melt My Heart To Stone
Singer: Adele // CD: 19

Right under my feet is air made of bricks
That pulls me down turns me weak for you
I find myself repeating like a broken tune
And I’m forever excusing your intentions
And I give in to my pretendings
Which forgive you each time
Without me knowing
They melt my heart to stone

And I hear your words that I made up
You say my name like there could be an us
I best tidy up my head I’m the only one in love
I’m the only one in love

Each and every time I turn around to leave
I feel my heart begin to burst and bleed
So desperately I try to link it with my head
But instead I fall back to my knees
As you tear your way right through me
I forgive you once again

Without me knowing
You’ve burnt my heart to stone

And I hear your words that I made up
You say my name like there could be an us
I best tidy up my head I’m the only one in love
I’m the only one in love

Why do you steal my hand
Whenever I’m standing my own ground
You build me up, then leave me dead

Well I hear your words you made up
I say your name like there should be an us
I best tidy up my head I’m the only one in love
I’m the only one in love.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

On Toycutter!

One of my munny was featured on Toycutter again. Yey!
This time it was the Munny Grunge one I fixed up back on May.
I just found out but is always a good thing.

Thanks to Toycutter for the Munny with bear costume post.

Before they featured the Cute little girl I did last year. You can see that post here.
Toycutter Feature

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

¡Pero el es hombre!

¡Si, pero el es hombre! Con esta frase acabo una conversacion amena y comenzo un argumento. Estaba mi senhora madre y esta servidora dialogando de los logros de un familiar y que despues este se fue con unos amigos y el padre imaginaba que su hijo estaba bien porque este no le habia llamado. A lo que yo contesto de verdad pues mira nosotras somos las unicas que tenemos que llamar cada 5minutos para decir que hacemos y donde estamos. A lo que ella contesta ¡Si, pero el es hombre! y yo digo y que como si por ser hombre no lo van a matar igual, no se le va a explotar una goma igual o no va a chocar o no le va a pasar nada.  Entonces dice el es independiente. Aja y que es que eso tiene un escudo anti accidentes o anti situaciones extremas de vida o muerte? No entiendo.
R: Me encanta lo comprensiva que eres con los demas con tus sobrinos con los particulares y lo poco comprensiva que eres con nosotras
Mom: Ellos no son mis hijos. Cuando tu tengas hijos vas a ver.
R: Si a mis 30 anhos no los he tenido creeme que no los veras a estas alturas para que.
Mom: Tu puedes tener hijos hasta los 40
R: Y para que quiero tener un hijo a los 40 como estan las cosas hoy dia. Si no los he tenido hasta hora nunca esperes verlos. El tiempo de tener nietos se paso. Gracias!
Ahora porque hablo de esto. Yo en mi caso he sido criada de una manera no muy convencional. Ahora en a estas alturas es que he podido "reclamar" algunas cosas que no tube como mi espacio y privacidad. El constante recordatoria de que soy mujer y no debo o no puedo hacer esto por serlo. Creo que esta muy mal de parte de los padres. Nosotros no escogimos ser hombres o mujer it just happen so deal with that. Dale gracias a Dios que nunca te he dado razon para que tengas la desconfianza y sobre proteccion que tienesnsobre uno y aun asi mira la tienes. Quien es el del problema entonces?.

El hecho de decir que como soy mujer que no puedo estar aqui o alla es puea mierda y los padres lo saben. Pero eso es lo que la sociedad nos hace creer que porque somos mujeres nos van a pasar cosas malas TODO el tiempo, que no sabemos parece que hablar, ni hacer nada  y que somos indefensas. Si estubieramos en los 1930-1970 te lo creo pero hoy dia? Por favor!

Que es lo que estan haciendo creer a la gente que uno es un ser inutil. claro pero despues que tiene todas esas musaranhas quieres que tus hijos se largen de tu casa se casen tengan familias amigos etc. Explicame como? Si los tienes encerraos acorralao.  Para desgracia ahora hay celulares que son el demonio. Al menos antes tenian que esperar que llegaras a una casa llamaras de un publico pero como las llamadas entre mobiles de la misma companhia salen gratis pues te jodistes porque van a estar llamandote cada 15minutos y cuidate si no te ponen un jodio gps en el auto o en el telefono sin que lo sepas. Es que se ponen psycho. No es suficiente con que le des la lista de telefonos de tus amistades que ya ellos conocen no lo que falta es que quieran una video conferencia con ellos miesntras tas en la calle solo para que ellos puedan dormir bien. Todo porque eres mujer y eres indefensa y pues ellos quieren estar seguros de que sabes pararte en la calle y no te vas a caer cuando camines.

Ahora los hombres que se jodan. Que salgan que disfruten que tengan su vida y que cojan cantaso para aprender. La mujer pues que se quede bruta hasta que se encojone y mande a todo el mundo pal carajo. Creo que despues de la era disco hay algo que se llama super liberacion femenina. No es que sea feminista porque entiendo que hay cosas que la mujer no puede hacer pero usar la fragilidad de la mujer para controlar lo que puede hacer es otra cosa. Asi no se crean mujeres independientes ni mujeres conquistadoras. Solo se crean mujers inseguras y frustradas. Gracias!

No pretendo que esto sea importante para nadie. Con que sea importante para mi es suficiente. Es un desahogo y es lo que me importa ahora. Padres desgraciadamente siempre son padres unos mas sobre portectores pero que demonios se puede hacer.  Y eso que han bajado la guardia a fuerza de cantazo porque uno se cansa pero esta funcionando de alguna manera extranha. Eso es lo importante. La libertad y el libertinaje son cosas diferentes. cuando tu le ensenhas a tus hijos lo que es correcto solo te resta que ellos sepan elegir cual de las dos escoger si ser libres o ser libertinos. I just want to be free. No sabia que el nacer con extra carga daba mas vida que nacer con un boquete donde se crea y produce vida. A si que a fin de cuentas quien es mas fuerte?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Skull and Roses


Skull and Roses.

Its been a while since I did a painting/watercolor. This one haves some lovely roses and of course my darling skully. It came out more brighter than what I imagined but in the end I liked how it turned out to be. I sometimes feels that it haves a lot of details behind it with all the circles, ribbons, roses but it looks kind of different to what I am used to. I also painted the background which I hardly do.

Well there you have it. If you are interested in getting it for your wall you can check The Shop [No, it wont be on Etsy for sale ONLY on The Shop] or write me to @reavel on twitter via DM. Enjoy!

Materials: Acrylic, watercolors, sharpie paint, sharpie regular point and sakura markers on 9x12 watercolor paper.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Vacations? Really?

As you have noticed my last day of blogging was like a week ago, right? Well that is due to the fact that I'm on a week vacation with my family out of the area metro here. You know trying to do "turismo interno" help the economy etc...

While you are on vacation you try to go away have fun, rest, for long periods and enjoy the facilities. Yeah that is the ideal of a vacation. Last Friday we head up to the municipality of Isabela to a resort called Costa Dorada. Also check this link. I have been on Costa Dorada in other occasions but this one was the WORST ever.

Why I can say this?

  • The night we arrived here guess what we went to sleep turned on the A/C to beat the hot weather outside. But hey what happens at 1am the electricity goes down until like 10am in the morning. So sweet of them trying to help the environment, right? Umm, NO! Also the cupboard are all ruined too.
  • The glorious TV set. Yeah, that haves to work well, right? Well no.. the freaking remote control doesn't even work well not even with new batteries. So much fun. It is analog but we have DirecTV but they only have Vh1, MTV and Starzs. Like a day ago the signal was fucked up all morning. It was fixed at 5pm. Thank You! We took our DVD player with us as always and found a RedBox video rental. They do have a video rental on the "pueblo" but it opens after 4pm and closes at 10pm. Besides we already had an issue with that on other visit we did some time ago.
  • Ouh the BlackWhole we have here is incredible we have to actually go outside the complex to make or receive an actual call. If you dare to do it from the room they will rip your pocket apart. So you are like in this modern cavern. Woohoo!
  • Internet. Yeah by this time in the century we are in you would guess that if this place is a tourist oriented place they should have a good internet service. Umm not quite. I have to go to the hotel lobby sit there and grab the unsecured signal that I get. Away from the lobby don't even dream about it.  They say that "soon" they will have in all rooms... right! I think my sister and I even burned a plug with all the charge we put into it. They are all connected to one place it seems. You can see all the electric orange extensions "hidden" on the plants on the lobby.
  • The restaurant. It opens from Friday to Sunday. The rest of the week it is all missing in action. So If you want to eat something, drink something gather up there well you rather do it in your room from  Friday to Sunday.
  • To top all this "fine" accommodations I got sick, As I write this I'm burning in fever with the A/C off. I hardly get sick on my normal habitat. My spinal column is crying for my bed. Every morning I don't even know how to get out of the bed. It hurts all over. The only one having a blast on this vacations is Sondag that wasn't even supposed to be here at all.

You might think that I'm complaining way too much but I think that I can complain the stay here wasn't for free and this is the Villa Area... soo get the picture? Then this company wonder why people aren't staying on the local resorts and prefer to take an airplane go to any other place. I mean you can get any of this services for $60 a night in most Inns on US.

The presentation is also important. Chairs need new fabric. They need new lamps. The maids are cool humble NICE people and employees are good but, the actual complex needs to be redone like NOW! Put it more modern, up to date with tourist needs. That families actually want to spend time there and would go there again. They are running out of employees and one of them haves to do around 55 rooms [including the Villas] alone. The pool that is in front of me they only cleaned it like one day. They have a beach but read the small letters it is so dangerous they don't recommend you to use it. At all.

I think this goes around other places in the Puerto Rico. You have to get yourself together Tourism Company and all the people covered by them. Then they go around saying and spreading to the world "Puerto Rico lo hace mejor" and honestly you can really do it better if you lower your staying prices and spend some money on remaking the place. You will see there will be people making lines to stay at your place. We don't like to be compared but check this last year I went to Florida, US and stayed with great part of my family. We were like 15 including kids. We paied $600 for a week in a house that included a private pool, 6 rooms, 4 bathrooms, doble door garage it. I had 4 rooms 2 bathrooms on the second floor and 2 rooms / 2 bathrooms on the lower level, also a nice living room, dinner room and a great spacious kitchen w/ everything.

So it is up to the locals if they want to invert on their own business, help themselves, their employees and help out a little the economy. Make great webpages spend some money on them make them the visitor dream come true and keep it like that when they visit the place. That way they will give a good word for the place. Think about it.

That is all  have to say. Thanks!

BTW: I will post pics later on. I can't get them out of the mobile phone. Meh!


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