Walk this way

I was interviewed by Susan Wassel @sharpiesusanfor Sharpie Blog a few days ago and here is the begining of the interview. I will add a link so you can go and read the rest of the article. If you are kind enough you can leave comments on the blog there in support to me. Yey!

I am really happy and honoured to be there. Those that know me well know that I LOVE SHARPIES even before this. That is why they find me [they found the shoes] so they reached me and here we are.

"I just customize things…I believe in recycling and giving use to things that normally you would throw to waste …"

That’s how Reavel describes her work, which includes breathing new life into everyday objects like clipboards and sneakers. She has a special gift for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Reavel lives in Puerto Rico and says many of her country’s vibrant colors inspire her work. On her website, she free associates the following words with her thoughts and ideas about art:

Feeling creative, Sharpies, acryllic paint, graffiti, aerosol, wood, music, documentals, art books,movies, photography, history channel, moleskine notebooks, colors: blue, red, black, white.

Reavel is her stand-alone name. You can find her work for sale on Etsy.com or you can read more about her on her blog.

Read the entire interview here: Sharpie Blog: Walk this way