Since last October I got an HTC Touch with data plan. Since then I've been able to really keep updated about almost everything. Since I am twitter lover I have been using lots of twitter clients. Here I will talk about it.
  • Twitter Mobile - is twitter on mobile webpage. It works if you are into only reading your friends twits. Not good for replying or doing what you would like to do like favorite, keep track of conversations etc. Sad thing is that being the original page of the whole twitter movement it doesnt let you do any of the cool things like sharing pics.
  • TinyTwitter - This was the first app I found for me it was the real thing, Later on it froze too much & made me loose lots of valuable information because it didn't updated frequently. Somehow it also burned my battery fast.
  • Twikini - If you have WinMo [WindowsMobile] you should have this one right away. At first it didnt let you do lots of things but now you are able to do almost everything here. You can see/reply DM and reply to any other twit on your stream. It updates every 5min [well that is what I choose]. The themes are good and none of the others twitter applications lets you change themes. If you are listening to something on your media player on your WinMo it will twit itself to your feed [note: if you dont want to feel like a spammer turn it off [that is what I did 'sorry guys for the constant music']. Other things you can do is delete messages, retweet, favorite, view other people streams, etc] Lowside of this is that now they are only letting you use it as a 14 days trial version. But they have other cool options if you want to keep it so check it out it is worth the try very much. It also makes a sound every time it updates so that you know when it does it.
  • - I recomend this to everyone. It is not an application it is a mobile webpage. In this page you can do almost everything. You can view your/other people conversation when you click on the bubbles. If someone is sharing a photo you can actually see a thumbnail of it. It doesnt sound to warn you of the refreshing thing cause it doesnt autorefresh you have to do it on your own. Also if you want to meet/twit/find people on your local area you can search from the page. Also upload your photos directly on slandr on their own photo uploader, the pic then will show up on twitpic. If you want to see the trends you can also do it here. For me this is the most complete one. The only thing that it needs is to auto refresh and it would be the best thing ever.

Conclusion: If you have a Window Mobile phone you MUST have Twikini. If you dont have one or cant afford the Twikini well use the Slandr. This two are my favorites to use back to back. Right now I downloaded the trial and waiting to see what happens cause I would totally love to keep it. I will keep using my backup plan which is Slandr. Enjoy!