Söndag's First Year

Un dia como hoy hace un anho Söndag llego a mi patio. Desde ese momento hasta el dia de hoy pues no se fue. I confess that I used to hate cats. I found them pretty photogenic but it never crossed my mind to own one. Still when I saw her all alone on my backyard I felt like I couldn't leave her there. I remember that I even blogged about her not knowing what to do with her.

Now I remember all the fuzz in the house about keeping her. All that I had to learn and still learning about how to work with cats it is definitely another world. It is a cat world with way too much fanatics or responsible owners. Even when my family didn't want me to keep her they ended up loving her. Now they check up on her, buy her toys, play with her and they just learn to love her. My grandmother loves her and she just likes watching her play around the house with anything.

Im happy that I rescue her. There are plenty of sick cats around my street and if I didnt took care of her there would be plenty more of them in the future if she ever got pregnant. I took her to the vet for the first time in november last year. Yeah I know it is a long time but hey I had no clue if I was going to keep her for life. So the doctor told me that she was 7months old which means I got her when she was only 2 months.

I have seen her grow, get old, go thru phases just like kids. They get tantrums but even when all the work she have been a good cat. Never made a huge mess besides the hair thing. I wouldnt change a thing and I am really glad that I kept her. She is healthy, loved and been taken care of. Of course she have been spoiled, pampered in every way that I can. She is pretty active, playful and loves to hunt but above all she loves to sleep and sit by the window.

Now here are some photos of this years since I took her until now. You can see Söndag whole album on Flickr. She also haves a blog and a pretty "active social network life" haha.

Söndag's First Year