Damask Door

I got a little crafty the other day and my mission was to make the door to my room different from the rest of the house. I am planning on changing my whole house look to something more modern but there are some issues that still have me on hold so I will just do my room and wait for the rest to happen.

Anyways... my door is a black wood color. Before I did this it already had some contact paper of a lighter wood color that helped me a lot with my new mission. I went to Kmart and got some gift wrap paper of a damask print [the same one I'll use for my future storage boxes], got a clear contact paper roll. The other materials ruler, spray glue and the black sticky paper [which i got from my work] I already had it but if you cant get the sticky paper you can use black contact paper instead.

First I covered the door with the clear contact paper. Then to glue the gift wrap paper y spread some spray glue. I used the clear contact paper to protect the door so when I get tired of my design it is easy to remove without harming the wood. After that i just glued the paper and then trim the borders... after that i just added the sticky black paper to the bottom and all done.

If you are not sure [like me] of how tall/wide is your door get double of everything. I came out short but was able to fix it. Go Crafty me! Now I have a new door that looks awesomely cool and totally different and everything under $10 cause I had most of the items around. By the way the door knob will be black sooner or later so it will all match perfectly.

You can see the bigger pictures here New Door