Cute Overload Robot

Cute Overload Plushie

You want something special for you or want to impress/surprise someone with something beautiful and unique?

Get me! I'm Cute Overload Plushie. I'm 5 1/5in tall and 4 1/5 in wide and I can get your job done.

I can be white, red, purple, green, blue, grey... Im a chameleon I can change color if you want. Of course my maker would love to have a Convo with your first so you guys settle up what I will become. You know make me even cuter.

As you can see my maker made me a tattoo in my behind because she thinks it is trend and well I actually love it.

Allow my maker one week for the making process. I am all hold up together by hand stitch by stitch. I'm soft, cuddly and look cute and great every where I'm placed.

I start at $13 USD [I will look like in the photo above] but if you get bizzare ideas talk to my maker. Maybe she goes on the same trip with.