All in one night?

Is it possible to have criollo/oriental food, great friends around you and D&B all in one night?

Last night I went out with some great friends. We didn't see each other for like 6 months even when we live pretty close except for the one that lives in NYC but yeah that happens. Thing is that we gather up to eat at a restaurant have a great night chat over dinner and update in each others lives.

On the way there we listen to Soda Stereo as always Alena Clarks favorite band ever. Then we arrived at our destination Budatai. Budatai is a restaurant in Condado area right across the legendary Hotel La Concha. Great place. Way out of my budget but great. The guys ordered some Dim Sum that had amarillitos with pork meat that were heavenly. Perfect made. Later on they also ordered Geisha Rolls that had merengue on top. This one were good but honestly nothing special the greatest thing was the merengue sushi combination. Still the sushi wasn't all that.

After those delightful "appetizers" they wanted more food. Perhaps to combat the after effects of the drinks. I had a Long island Iced tea as always. My friends had some other drinks that were good and really kicked in your system after you have like 3 of each... yeah... anyways they had fun.

The entree orders were the Kobe Steak and let me tell you people have to learn from the chef how to make steaks. The steak was everything I've ever dreamed of in my life. It was juicy had lots of flavor it was done the right way. Tuna fish with peas and a sauce to die for, this is my friends favorite plate there. Great plate. The langostinos plate looked great and it seems it was madly good cause there were nothing left on the plate. I ordered the Calamari with onions and it was all expected it was perfect not over done or over fried. The onions also added a great taste to everything along with the lemon.

So we stayed there for a long while enjoyed the view from the second floor watching this new generation of kids hanging out at La Ventana al Mar besides La Concha all dressed up like if they were going to this huge party but no they were just hanging out there taking pictures like the world wont ever end. Then after enjoying/studying the view we went inside asked for the check and went out. By the way the check of $300.00 almost killed me but since I had a blast with my friends I try to avoid remembering it. A great dinner with old good friends is always PRICELESS!

After that we went cruising around Santurce looking for a place called Vatican. My friend saw on her facebook that tonight someone was playing there and she was into electronic music so hunting for that place we went. Believe or not google helped us find the place. Have I ever told you I love google... Yes I do. Anyways it gave us the address and after running around the place we found it.

The Vatican Club is the full name. We paid $3 to get inside and there was this extremely loud D&B, with hip-hop or something going on. I even felt old when I watched the kids there. I said to myself I am too old for this shit. But hey they were having a blast all trippy like floating around the dance area. Believe me I can spend there like 45 min tops. If you are not ready to make your ears bleed don't go there. To stay there the whole night you need assistance. Still I liked the music it was awesome great.

In fact I gather up some information so I can find their music. What I discovered after my search on facebook was in fact that it was a D&B event called Here comes the bass... The DJs playing were Fission, Squadra and from the PRDC [Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru] Moshrum and Codezero. You can get more info on events like this at [Watch video: The Vatican Club]

Now I have to make a stop here. While I was there I was more watching the crowd inside than bothered with the loud music. I saw this young kids and I know they are having fun and all but they looked like in Alice in Wonderland. Maybe it is that I don't get the emotion or hype they had since I've never been on one. Hey I started hanging out after my 25 birthday. Therefore I see things differently. But things are relative depending on what you like. I don't know it just felt strange watching them like moving around "like dancing" drinking talking mumbling to each other. Anyways I had a great time and enjoyed the music. Happy that it was kind of empty which made it easier. By the way the lights effect were really good it made the music more cool.

So after all this I think that Yes. Yes it is. It is possible to have criollo/oriental food, great friends around you and D&B all in one night. The bast part is that you can roam around Area Metro and you wont even take 30min from one place to the other. Which is always good.

The Vatican Club: Calle Jordan, Edificio 703, Parada 26
Budatai: 1056 Ashford Ave., San Juan 00907, Puerto Rico. Tel: 787-725-6919