- Yeah! I worked at 7-Eleven.

While I was on my way to the job today I remembered my first job. The first job I ever had was at a 7-Eleven in Carolina, Puerto Rico. I gave them 2 years and 9 months to the franchise and even when they kind of ruined my work experience I have to say I miss it and that I really liked working there... NOT for them.

I think that I've never talked about working at 7-Eleven before. I remember that my sister was looking for a job back in the day. I wasnt looking for any job but went with her to the "interview". Turned out they were about to open a new store near my home and well they hired me. Then suddenly I had a job. I was happy but didn't like had this hype of hey I got a job kind of thing.

The first day I went to the store the shelves still had plastic around them. We didnt had light still we were open fixing indoor things. I remember my boss name it was Edwin. He didnt last much he was moved to other store and they brought Mariel as manager of the store a few months later. My bosses boss were the shit in a pretty bad way. I dont wanna go there cause I will go ranting so lets leave it like that. Well ok they were assholes all the way. Ok I said it.

What I liked about that store was that it was small still people went there everytime we had a Condominio upfront and many residenciales publicos also an urbanizacion so yeah we were like the center of attention. I learned a lot from the time I spent there. Met people and how to work with them the good the bad and the ugly. People sometimes don't think we are at danger working in a store like that but let me tell you it is a huge danger to do so.

The very first day I was working as a "store clerck" and attending customers this guy went to the fridge took a Heineken beer and tried to steal it. The guard [... yeah we had guards on the night shifts] noticed his moved and waited to see what the "customer" was going to do. Well the guy just went right thru the door with no intention of paying the beer so He went after him accused him and the guy got so mad that he kicked the door and broke the glass of the door. In all the time that I worked there that door never worked well again. The glass was replaced but we never used the door again That was my first day there I suddenly understood that working there will be the chance of a lifetime in a good/bad way.

I had many good times there. Met lots of people that were my co-workers. Learned how to be a better employee. I ate ice creams for lunch. I learned to hate Subways and Centennial. I missed many holidays with my families because I had to work all of them. Experienced election times win and loss. I was robbed, suspended, suggested for management, hated/loved by customers and I even was a marriage counselor to some people. I saw infidelity... way too many times. I always believed the cops of the area were going to do some law enforcement on the building upfront but they did other kind of enforcement... if you know what I mean... with the people there, you know "urban legends of corruptions". I heard saw a car chase/shooting and yes they did killed the other guy right on the street. Met a mother that burned her kids hands and when she came out from jail was complaining that cigarettes were more expensive outside that in the joint. Go figure!

Things I liked where the "free" smoothies, hot dog for lunch, promotion stuff I we toof from the vendors. When the cops came with all their cars and because of that the store was empty and I gave them free coffee and donuts just to keep them there to keep myself safe from the people and rest for a while from customers. The little radio i took to work against the management will, I felt a rebel, wait I was a rebel that is why people there loved me.  Hated the days that Loteria Electronica were on. Gosh damn it people waiting just the minute after the game to play 100$ so that mean that they wanted 100 plays and I had a line of customers to attend and was about to change shifts that was just brilliant. Also hated the slurpee machine and the ice issue we had.
I also learned about security and how to get it. When I was robbed i was asked who was the guy that did it... they were going to take care of the guy... yeah! I loved my costumers but said No, Thanks! I don't want a dead body on my record. I dealt with hustlers and their packs, with whores, people trying to do threesomes on the bathroom.. yeah that happened. Also people that went to pee on the storage room. The manager using the store energy to recharge his kid power wheel battery.

Thanks to the extra hours I worked here I was able to visit Europe. I went out for a whole month they didnt complain. Well they couldn't complain I had all day piled up on my work hours. I was able to visit France, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic. I hardly took a day off.

I really liked the time I spent there. I remember the days we had competitions with other stores with the merchandise displays. We won many of them my imagination went nuts and my beer section in summer rocked and kicked ass. At Christmas we even got a little tree, lights gifts and no.. not a bigger bonus for all the love we gave it. We also planted some ehh plants painted the store. I went thru hurricane warning there. Light blackouts. This were extremely unsafe cause we could get HUGELY robbed but we never did.

Well it was a life experience. Sometimes like today I get nostalgic cause I really liked it. Now when I pass by that place it seems like ghost town. A place that was open 24/7 and to see it like it is today an abandon place makes me sad. After I was fired they company went from bad to worst to the point the franchise doesnt exist anymore. Bad administration of an entity. Now it is all gone all that is left are the memories and an empty place.

I still get some of the customers while I am around town. I find them on the mall, gas stations, hospital and many other places. I still get the question Did you worked at the 7-Eleven? I've seen you before? and I always say "-Yeah! I worked at 7-Eleven." Sometimes I think I could write a book about all this. If you ever get the opportunity of working in a place like this Do so. Your life will change, you will become a better human and will difenitly see things with other ways.


  1. Reavel,

    Great post on your first job. Not always your best experience, but always memorable.

    CG Salgado

  2. You seem to have enjoyed your first job a lot! You must have learned a lot of patience there? Let’s face it, customers are not always nice. There can be really rude sometimes and the frontliners of a franchise are it's life and bad impressions spread easily once they lose it. It was actually my second job but I worked at a convenient store too and it was fun!

    Sherika Jose


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