Using Twibs & Handmadeology

With so many social networks around the internet I just have to say why people do not take advantage of all them. Most of them are free and you can mash it up with other services.

Since I am running a "business" with my Etsy Shop and already had it connected to facebook, my blog, well everywhere I am in I link everything back to every site.

I want to share with you two sites I found on my twitter adventures. Both are business related.

1. Twibs : Give twitter users a place to find businesses on twitter.
We are big believers in the power of twitter to connect customers with businesses. We're working on making it easy for consumers to find businesses, both local and national. Keep in mind, we're just getting started, so there may be small glitches and features missing, but don't worry, we're working hard for you to keep helping consumers find your business on twitter!

Here is the [link] of my Profile

2. Handmade Directory (Shops.Blogs.Twitters)
Handmadeology exists for the purpose of teaching artists how to successfully sell their handmade goods online. Through articles, blogs, video and screen shot tutorials, and Q & A dialogue between Timothy Adam and followers of his work, the formula for selling handmade goods online can be learned.

Here is the [link] of my Profile.

Listed Sites:
b. Fan Page Facebook
c. My twitter account


You can all so [visit my website] to find my other social networks and add me