That item was Sold.

I think I just made the smartest move ever. Back in February 7 I moved StockArt from Big Cartel to Etsy . I am so glad now that I did. It is only april 14 and I already sold 7 items from my Etsy shop.

I have to say that promoting [not spamming this is important] my shop via twitter got me many views, exposure and possible clients. Also I think that social networking makes a whole lot of difference on this promoting thing. I have facebook , blog and twitter . When I combined the tree of them it really makes the different. I cant twit up the process of the works. Also add some pic to the twit via twitpic . Then I make post on the blog and notes on my facebook page. So people interested have a place to look up my work and see what I'm up to. Another thing that helped me out was the exposure of the clipboards on That was great. The shop flooded.

Remember that when o

I am looking forward to keep the shop at this pace but I wont rush it. Now I am doing more watercolors to put up on the shop. I am really happy to see all this getting all together. Really cause it could be a real side job.