Dead Fish: Cooking story.

Story of a dead fish...
Before I did all this I took the fish and seasoned the fish to my family taste used some adobo, sofrito, onion, pepper, red wine vinegar, oregano, parsley and garlic. Let that on the fridge for one day. That I think is called marinated.

The day you are going to do the fish before you put the fish on the BBQ cut up some aluminum foil and put it inside the fish. By doing that you are helping the fish cook even.

Now to prepare the grill. Take aluminum foil and cover the grill. After covering the grill put some olive [well any kind of oil you use.. we used canola oil but cooking or olive will do too] on the aluminum foil. Turn the BBQ [the one I used is a gas BBQ] so turn it on.

Before putting the fish on the grill add some white flour to it on the sides like on the first picture so it will at least get all together. After doing this the fish is ready to take the grill heat... Keep the juice of the marinated seasoning. You will need it cause you have to  put it over the fish while cooking that will keep the fish moisty and juicy when done.

Well that is all. Don't leave the fish alone stay there paying attention so it wont get burn. Make some tostones or whatever you want to eat with it.