Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dad's old LP collection

The other day I was looking up for something on a closet in the "marquesina" [you might call it garage] at home. I saw the collection of Dad's old Long Play music. I even organized it by genres Salsa, Rock, Romance, Ladies, Christmas and so on.

Found out that he loved Santana, Tito Rodriguez, Lucecita, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Danny Rivera, Ismael Rivera, Willie Colon, La Lupe... the list goes on and on. I think that in total I count almost 200 Long Plays. He haves more but they are on another room/closet.

I was thinking about doing a list so we really know what he haves there. They are all in great condition but I need an LP player to check them out for real. Some even have the plastic they came in... other have the paper the LP was put on.

It is kind of cool to see all this old things from your parents and it is way better to see that they are in good condition. This will be a good.. wait a GREAT project for me if I ever dare to make the list of Dad's old LP collection

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Estas aqui para ser feliz

Este es el mejor video que he visto en anhos. Me encanta el hecho que un anuncio tan simple haya cavado tan profundo en mi. Me recordo a mi abuela y sus fuerzas de vivir aun a sus 96 mas sus condiciones de salud.

Quisiera poder encontrar el monologo del senhor. Esta espectacular. Al ver anuncios como este me lleno de esperanzas que no solo quieren hacer que compres el maldito refresco sino llevar un mensaje y hacer que la gente piense mientras te tomas el refresco.

No se... me encanta. No tengo que explicar mas nada eso para mi es suficiente para poner el video aqui.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bye Birdie.


yesterday I was happy cause we had this birdie alive I even blogged about it and well he just died. Seems his parents didnt gave him food. *sigh* I am sad now.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Robots, time& cookies.

Commission art work for possible tattoo. My first ever. So if the people that asked for it ever gets the tattoo I think I will post the results here if they send me the pics. Even if they don't get the tattoo I am happy cause I never believe I could do such awesome robots and well made the customized. Since they are commissioned and people sometimes dont respect I added some "watermark" on it. on the final product.


This are the pics of our new family member. Since it is a new born we don't know if it is a male or female. This is the so cool we have been trying to get new babies from our cockatiels for a long time now. The first ones they had are like 5 years old now.

She layed many eggs along this years but NOW is the only time they cracked and went all the way. I am happy for the birds. They are kind of touchy jelous right now but that is normal. They are feeding the baby well and keep it warm they hardly go out of the nest.  Enjoy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Boqueron, Cabo Rojo


Fotos tomadas en la playa de Boqueron [Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico]
mas fotos [aqui]

Feed Back

Got some cool feedback from a buyer from the etsy shop.
Stephen was kind enough to post on his blog about the clipboard.

This makes me happy to see that he really enjoyed the clipboard.

Make sure to visit his blog it is personal but kind of cool.
So Stephen Thanks again for everything.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're at Aquarius

Some photos of the place we are staying at. Aquarius, Vacation Club. Photos posted via email from mobile.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dead Fish: Cooking story.

Story of a dead fish...
Before I did all this I took the fish and seasoned the fish to my family taste used some adobo, sofrito, onion, pepper, red wine vinegar, oregano, parsley and garlic. Let that on the fridge for one day. That I think is called marinated.

The day you are going to do the fish before you put the fish on the BBQ cut up some aluminum foil and put it inside the fish. By doing that you are helping the fish cook even.

Now to prepare the grill. Take aluminum foil and cover the grill. After covering the grill put some olive [well any kind of oil you use.. we used canola oil but cooking or olive will do too] on the aluminum foil. Turn the BBQ [the one I used is a gas BBQ] so turn it on.

Before putting the fish on the grill add some white flour to it on the sides like on the first picture so it will at least get all together. After doing this the fish is ready to take the grill heat... Keep the juice of the marinated seasoning. You will need it cause you have to  put it over the fish while cooking that will keep the fish moisty and juicy when done.

Well that is all. Don't leave the fish alone stay there paying attention so it wont get burn. Make some tostones or whatever you want to eat with it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ghosts. Not your normal dark ghosts... this one travel around color.

Watercolor and markers on 90 lb. watercolor paper.
The paper measures 9" x 12".

For Sale on Etsy [here]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That item was Sold.

I think I just made the smartest move ever. Back in February 7 I moved StockArt from Big Cartel to Etsy . I am so glad now that I did. It is only april 14 and I already sold 7 items from my Etsy shop.

I have to say that promoting [not spamming this is important] my shop via twitter got me many views, exposure and possible clients. Also I think that social networking makes a whole lot of difference on this promoting thing. I have facebook , blog and twitter . When I combined the tree of them it really makes the different. I cant twit up the process of the works. Also add some pic to the twit via twitpic . Then I make post on the blog and notes on my facebook page. So people interested have a place to look up my work and see what I'm up to. Another thing that helped me out was the exposure of the clipboards on That was great. The shop flooded.

Remember that when o

I am looking forward to keep the shop at this pace but I wont rush it. Now I am doing more watercolors to put up on the shop. I am really happy to see all this getting all together. Really cause it could be a real side job.

Friday, April 10, 2009


TreeCloud, originally uploaded by Reavel.

Trees, Clouds earth...
you know mother nature...

It's a snowglobe but more earthy.

Watercolor and markers on 90 lb. watercolor paper.
The paper measures 9" x 12".

Get it on Etsy >

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The future is grey.

the future is grey, originally uploaded by Reavel.
I dont know if I should put names to my artworks.
I do know that this looks cool on the wall.
Kind of trendy. Kind of techy. Lots of textures and vibrant colors.

Watercolor and markers on 90 lb. watercolor paper.
The paper measures 9" x 12".

Wanna see the process? Check this links.

Get if on Etsy >

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

# 20352 on

I never believed I would be on so many people google readers. It is always cool to see other things posted on webpages and enjoy others people works but to have yours on a webpage that you have been following for a long time that is another story.

I am happy to announced that the clipboards made it to the front page. Thanks to this little show off I got to sell  two of them on my etsy shop. I was overall nice to see that many of my artistic related friends got to see the link and liked the clipboards. This is just a test of what you can do around the net and how you can use it for your goals.

I don't know how they choose the links that will be posted on the frontpage but still I am darn happy that it got there. So to all of you that are still wondering what to do and how to get exposed there are lots of pages that youc an send your work to and make that happen. If you are interseted on checking the clipboards that are still available you can check it out under clipboard on my etsy shop.

Now you must be wondering what is, right? Well here is a little info if you don't know them. After reading you will know why I am so happy/honored that the clipboards got linked on that page.
Design Network of sites reaching over 4 million pageviews monthly. NOTCOT is a visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements. NOTCOT's two sites have become the daily sources of inspiration for creatives everywhere, fighting the good fight against "creative block" since 2005 with visually stunning imagery, the latest in international trends, and a passion for all things well designed.

NOTCOT.ORG is a community of creatives, design lovers, and trendsetters - where .org serves as the studio bulletin board gone digital - each image and caption brings you to a place worth visiting. It's about sharing what inspires you. Bookmarks,, digg, blogrolls, etc. make you read, search and think. This is the PICTUREBOOK to their novel. NOTCOT.COM is the editorial face of NOTCOT, offering in-depth features on products, artists, technology, innovation, and up-and-coming trends.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sticker Phiends 09'

STICKER PHIENDS 09', originally uploaded by madone025.


I got to see the stickers that made it to the wall on the Sticker Phiends 09' activity back in Arizona.

Back in January I sent my submission to this event. I never knew if they got there but well they did.

I am looking forward for the one next year and the next Peel Here event [if I dont forget again].

This type of event are great cause you get to see what artist around the world are doing. It is free everyone into the sticker movement or likeness can roll in and spread the love for urban art.

MadOne025 was kind enough to take some pics and upload them to his flickr account. If i see more pics of the event I will surely post them here so you can keep track of the whole event.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Giratorio Group: Hasta el límite sonoro

La organizacion Giratoriodekspresion a comenzado a trabajar en otros proyectos aparte de su ya conocido festival anual de arte y musica experimental. Ahora bajo el seudonimo de "Giratorio Group Hasta el limite sonoro ", hemos comenzado a darle forma a un nuevo proyecto que titulamos "el audio studio", y unas muestras de experimentacion sonora en varios lugares del area metro.

Los objetivos principales son:

1.Continuar la labor de llevar hasta otro nivel el genero experimental musical en la isla mas todas las vertientes que se puedan relacionar.

2. Incentivar la Colaboracion entre musicos que produzcan creaciones musicales relacionadas con la improvisacion, la experimentacion, el noise, el avantgarde y otros generos como el progresivo, el post rock, entre otros.Los colectivos de Hip Hop siempre son bienvenidos.

3. Documentar en audio y video estas colaboraciones.

+Info: Giratorio Ekspresion Facebook

Proximas Actividades:


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