Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What about the chair?

In my backyard we have a chair. Well the chair is abandoned full of dirt, ugly and even had some rain over hair. it haves no seating cushion what so ever. I remember that my dad was supposed to fix it but that never happen as many other things around the house there is no time to do it. I think that if he cuts the sitting area I could get a nice fabric at the store and make it new.

I have great ideas cause I love the chair. It haves a great style and personality. I also have plans to decorate the house upstairs and I think the chair will make a great addition tot he whole remaking of the house. I have to sand it, then seal it, primer it to paint it black. Black was its original color but with all the dirt it looks brown. I could also do the back of the chair. Not sure.

After visiting so many blogs like apartmenttheraphy.com I got all this great ideas. I have become a crafting, decorationg blog hunter. That is good cause it keeps me creative. With twitter I have found many other crafting and decorating blog like: @decor8, @MarthaStewart, @craft, @queenofdiycom and so on.

Anyways here a picture of the chair I want to rescue.

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