Earth Hour 2009

So this year I didn't forget about the Earth Hour event. I managed to turn off all the lights and even went off line. Ha! Thing I couldn't do what to enroll the grandparents in all the event so I left the TV on for them. They asked me to turn on the lights so I explained to them why I turned the lights off but they watched the TV anyways. 

I looked outside the windows but I think I was the only one doing it. The rest of the houses looked liked Christmas. All lights on. I hope and wish that next year people get more into this Earth Hour movement. It would be nice to see the whole street off even the light posts on the street. The sky on this area at night when there is no light is gorgeous. All the stars shine and the everything haves this blueish shade is amazing. Not sure if the rest of the people have noticed that when we don't have light.

I am happy with my small contribution. Even when Earth Hour concentrates in one specific day there are many things that can be done on a daily basis in order to help out mother nature and become eco friendly.

I myself do some stuff that I think could help out with all this eco friendly subject.

  • If there is light on the rooms there is no need to turn on the lights. The only purpose of it is to make things more visible not to turn it on just because. Also you can use a smaller light bulb that wont consume way to much energy. I have this reading light on the side of my bed that illuminates the whole room pretty well. Therefor I don't have to turn on the main light.
  • Use your windows to get enough light inside the rooms and that will also let the wind get inside your room and flow easily around them. You dont have to use the fan or AC all the time. That helps too. Also drink more water that will keep you cool in between things.
  • Cellphones today can be charged while you are using your laptop. Do that. Only use the other charger for when you are not near your computer/laptop.
  • TURN OFF your laptop/computer or use it with the battery alone. If you don't need to have it on all the time don't.
  • When I am taking a shower at night I don't turn on the light unless I am going to shave my legs etc. I know where all my body parts are, where the soap and water thing is they wont change place from the last time you shower. By doing this you can also develop some other skills like walking in the dark or something.