Miracle at Santa Anna

I am so glad I saw Miracle at St. Anna it's just one of this war movies that you MUST see.

For me it was very special the story along the movie. It was very well done. It starts with a situation that you dont understand but as the movie runs you see clearly the reason why all happen.

Spike Lee tells us the story of a Corporal Negron [Laz Alonso] who tells the story of when he was a Buffalo Soldiers [92nd Infantry Division while he was on a campaing at Italy along with the other three other soldiers Sgt. Stamps [Derek Luke], Sgt. Bishop [Michael Ealy], Corporal Negron [Laz Alonso], Private Train [Omar Benson Miller] and a boy named Angelo Torancelli [Matteo Sciabordi].

I enjoyed the fact that they kept the languages and that not everybody talked in english. I never understood why on movies done outside everybody seems to know english out of the blue. Not that it cant happen but hey if they are in Japan use the language, if they talk in spanish use the language and so on. Again I like that the germans talked in german, italians in italian. Very good move there by Mr. Lee.

I watched the movie with my dad. He went to Vietnam and at the part when he gives the coordinates and his superior doesnt believe him and ends up killing the whole unit dad told me that happened a lot while he was in Vietnam. That many were killed because of wrong coordinates. That is pretty sad to know that the goverment covers those death as collateral damage. Anyways it is a great movie to see pretty moving.

It is interesting the many faces or sides a movie can take. Many people knowing or influenced by Spike Lee black people acknowledge type of movies went overboard and might say that he didn't portray them well. I just wonder why people can't only see the movie and just enjoy it. I like that that religion took some heavy influence on the movie along with the subject of faith and believing. Humanity over conflicts. I loved the kid character he steals your heart from the beginning.