Artist of the Month: José Parlá

Artist of the Month: José Parlá

I got to know about José Parlá thanks to a painter that I knew some years ago. He recommended me to check his work and so I did. To my surprise I ended up loving his works. His use of darker colors is quite not normal. Why I say this cause normally people that are born in the tropics use all this as a color base for their work.

This is not the case of Parla he uses brown, copper, black, grey, more earthy colors and sometimes bright colors very lightly. This in fact for me is pretty good, very urban, modern and contemporary. His background as you might noticed is graffiti as you can see he uses the tagging [calligraphy] to create paintings. He works on mixed media. Uses wood, canvas, oils, acrylic, spray, well you name it. He have exposed his work in New York, United Kingdom and Japan to name a few places.

For me it is very good to see that this artist are well known around the globe that art made by latinos is been appreciated in all their forms [street art, collectors art, paintings, photography you name it]. It is another reason the be proud and to excel in what we do.

From his bio: He was born in Miami into a family of Cuban exiles, they later moved to Puerto Rico when he had a very early age before returning to Miami again when he was nine. He currently lives and works in New York.