I moved d' store... to Etsy.com

For years I heard of this online shops or places where you can sell your stuff [art, old things, new things, whatever..] I have been wanting to sell my art for a long time but didn't know how to work that out. While on deviantart.com I read about Etsy.com but I went anyways with bigcartel.com. Both are online pages that give you the opportunity to sell your art, crafts and many other things.

I even check the famous ebay.com domain opened an account that I have never ever used. Then went to paypal.com and did the proper opening an account too in order to be able to give/get money the easy way direct from the back and stuff.

Finally today February 6 2009 I opened my freaking store with the people of etsy.com. I closed the bigcartel.com store. I learned that etsy is a much bigger community. People really believes and respect etsy.com as a mayor selling place so that is why I left bigcartel.com.

If everything goes as planned I will keep adding things to StockArt [that is the name of the store/shop] from time to time it depends on your demand. You can also go to the store by clicking the store tab on the navigation bar here on the blog. I will have for sale many things like plushies, cushions, canvas, my art and whatever comes to my mind that is why i named it StockArt. So now you know what to do.

I hope to see you there. If you have any questions, doubts or perhap a request you can leave me a message on the contact area or write me to my email [imreavel at gmail dot com]. I will gladly answer you back. Thanks for your support along the years. To keep posted on the articles and the store overall you can subscribe to my store .