Angelina Jolie is finally back with a good movie where she can be the great actress that she is. Along with fellow Clint Eastwood directing Mrs. Jolie give us the story of Christine Collins who is seeking for his lost child. 

Now don't be fooled this was based on a real story. Changeling is a very interesting story Mrs Collins [Angelina Jolie ] a suffered mother trying to find his son. Ignored by Mr. Jones [Jeffrey Donovan] Captain of the LAPD at the time she takes down the whole police department as she gathers evidence that they boy they supposedly found is her son. While doing this she revealed to the rest of the nation the murders, abuse and corruption the police department carried along against civilians.

If you like history this movie is great. It is pretty loyal to the actual facts and events of corruption from the LAPD back in the late '20s. Seems that some things never ever change since LAPD have always been attached to that same issues. After reading about the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders the acutal events upon the movie was made I have to say that Clint Eastwood nailed the whole story.

On a side note I still don't get the title Changeling maybe because the story changes so much from a simple missing boy to a serial killer. I don't know. I know that I enjoyed it very much and think Angelina should win the Oscar she have been nominated for.