Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Handmade Nation

Found a great documentary named Handmade Nation movie on some art pages that I am following. Well can you believe a movie about hand made things, their creators and what moves them i found that very awesome and important. It made me happy to see that there is people that is getting really into this handmade movement that is actually taking over the world this days.

Pages like and are great places to find handmade items, arts & crafts and vintage things. Why go make a line and pay expensive prices for things done in massive productions when you can buy things done only once and in a unique way and above all with love.

Faythe Levine is a filmmaker, author, independent curator and creative director from Milwaukee, United States. She co-owns Paper Boat Boutique & Gallery and produces the yearly event Art vs. Crafts that takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US.

There is a book with the same name Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design available at for $25 [obviously you might find it for less there if it is on sale]. They also have a blog where you cant read their news and keep updated on the events related with the movement. If you want to get involved and help with the handmade movement cause you can pass by their etsy store and help them out buying their items on sale.

Handmade Nation is a movie that documents the movement of artists, crafters and designers that recognize a marriage between historical techniques, punk and DIY (do it yourself) ethos while being influenced by traditional handiwork, modern aesthetics, politics, feminism and art. Fueled by the common thread of creating, Handmande Nation explores a burgeoning art community that is based on creativity, determination and networking.

In 2006 first time director Faythe Levine traveled to 15 cities, interviewing 80 individual. Levine captured the virtually tight-knit community that exists through websites, blogs and online stores and connects to the greater and craft fairs. Interviews were also conducted in artist studios and homes of the featured makers.

-Taken from 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gmail Stickers

Back in december 2008 Gmail posted about a sticker give away on their GMail Blog . Well I obviously sent a letter to get mine and guess what I just got them on the mail. Pretty cool. Does this makes me a geek or just a simple lover of all google related things?

I just wished I sent the letter before and go for a second round of stickers. I sticked the ones for the keyboard. Total awesomeness for me. Well Google I salute you and keep us posted if there will be a new sticker giveaway any time soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars Night 2009

As many of you know last night The Oscars were given away in the 81st ceremony. I think this is the best Oscars ceremony I've seen in my life. I loved that the band was on the stage normally they are all hidden away below the stage. Not fair at all.
Hugh Jackman blew my mind away with his dancing and singing with his great performance. All his interventions were great and funny. Go Wolverine!!

I also like the stages for every nomination. The best actor/supporting actors trophies given away by others Oscar winners/legends was a hugely improvement this year. I mean it is good to receive an Oscar but get it after your peer say something about your work on the film you are been nominated for is great and makes it more personal.

I have to admit that I haven't seen many of the movies nominated [shame on me] but I have time to rent them and watch them in my house happily with lots of popcorn. Heath Ledger won best supporting. This I saw it coming he is a great actor sadly he died what makes it more interesting in the fact that it was his best and last role in a movie.

Joaquin Phoenix was mocked by Ben stiller that was priceless. Sir Anthony Hopkins talking about Brad Pitt on the Best Actor nominee part was memorable since they worked together before it felt like a father son thing. I know I took that last part overboard.Jack Black went very close to too far on the dreamworks pixar commentary but it made lot of sense. Still I believe Kung Fu Panda was awesome.
Slumdog Millionaire took home like 7 Oscars including Best Picture, Musical Score and Director. The movie is amazing. I think everybody should watch it.

Now I will just add a list of my favorites parts from the event.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Angelina Jolie is finally back with a good movie where she can be the great actress that she is. Along with fellow Clint Eastwood directing Mrs. Jolie give us the story of Christine Collins who is seeking for his lost child. 

Now don't be fooled this was based on a real story. Changeling is a very interesting story Mrs Collins [Angelina Jolie ] a suffered mother trying to find his son. Ignored by Mr. Jones [Jeffrey Donovan] Captain of the LAPD at the time she takes down the whole police department as she gathers evidence that they boy they supposedly found is her son. While doing this she revealed to the rest of the nation the murders, abuse and corruption the police department carried along against civilians.

If you like history this movie is great. It is pretty loyal to the actual facts and events of corruption from the LAPD back in the late '20s. Seems that some things never ever change since LAPD have always been attached to that same issues. After reading about the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders the acutal events upon the movie was made I have to say that Clint Eastwood nailed the whole story.

On a side note I still don't get the title Changeling maybe because the story changes so much from a simple missing boy to a serial killer. I don't know. I know that I enjoyed it very much and think Angelina should win the Oscar she have been nominated for.

Miracle at Santa Anna

I am so glad I saw Miracle at St. Anna it's just one of this war movies that you MUST see.

For me it was very special the story along the movie. It was very well done. It starts with a situation that you dont understand but as the movie runs you see clearly the reason why all happen.

Spike Lee tells us the story of a Corporal Negron [Laz Alonso] who tells the story of when he was a Buffalo Soldiers [92nd Infantry Division while he was on a campaing at Italy along with the other three other soldiers Sgt. Stamps [Derek Luke], Sgt. Bishop [Michael Ealy], Corporal Negron [Laz Alonso], Private Train [Omar Benson Miller] and a boy named Angelo Torancelli [Matteo Sciabordi].

I enjoyed the fact that they kept the languages and that not everybody talked in english. I never understood why on movies done outside everybody seems to know english out of the blue. Not that it cant happen but hey if they are in Japan use the language, if they talk in spanish use the language and so on. Again I like that the germans talked in german, italians in italian. Very good move there by Mr. Lee.

I watched the movie with my dad. He went to Vietnam and at the part when he gives the coordinates and his superior doesnt believe him and ends up killing the whole unit dad told me that happened a lot while he was in Vietnam. That many were killed because of wrong coordinates. That is pretty sad to know that the goverment covers those death as collateral damage. Anyways it is a great movie to see pretty moving.

It is interesting the many faces or sides a movie can take. Many people knowing or influenced by Spike Lee black people acknowledge type of movies went overboard and might say that he didn't portray them well. I just wonder why people can't only see the movie and just enjoy it. I like that that religion took some heavy influence on the movie along with the subject of faith and believing. Humanity over conflicts. I loved the kid character he steals your heart from the beginning.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brownie & Blossom

Brownie is a 20in. wide x 16in tall cushion.
All hand sew; made with fabric and felt.
It haves two pockets on the back to put/hide whatever you want there.
More Info: [link]

This is very new to me. I draw directly on the fabric then used fabric markers and sharpie for textiles to paint it. Lot of work but fun and great to do. This is a 23.5in. wide x 16in tall cushion. All hand painted. Washable [wash with delicate], hand sew made with fabric.
More Info: [link]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Artist of the Month: José Parlá

Artist of the Month: José Parlá

I got to know about José Parlá thanks to a painter that I knew some years ago. He recommended me to check his work and so I did. To my surprise I ended up loving his works. His use of darker colors is quite not normal. Why I say this cause normally people that are born in the tropics use all this as a color base for their work.

This is not the case of Parla he uses brown, copper, black, grey, more earthy colors and sometimes bright colors very lightly. This in fact for me is pretty good, very urban, modern and contemporary. His background as you might noticed is graffiti as you can see he uses the tagging [calligraphy] to create paintings. He works on mixed media. Uses wood, canvas, oils, acrylic, spray, well you name it. He have exposed his work in New York, United Kingdom and Japan to name a few places.

For me it is very good to see that this artist are well known around the globe that art made by latinos is been appreciated in all their forms [street art, collectors art, paintings, photography you name it]. It is another reason the be proud and to excel in what we do.

From his bio: He was born in Miami into a family of Cuban exiles, they later moved to Puerto Rico when he had a very early age before returning to Miami again when he was nine. He currently lives and works in New York.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Litter Box

I wanted to get a covered litter for Sondag because when she used it she always left some of the litter out side on the floor. Too much to clean after and it didnt look/smell nice when people go to my room and see the cat litter in a corner.

I went online checked some styles and prices... I figured out that since I aint paying +$200 for #cat litter furniture I made one. Ouh cardboard I love thee. I just took for as example some of the ones you see in any cat furniture website and made it with cardboard.

The whole project was under $10... for me it was free since I had the cardboard, duct ape and spray paint at home. I used a box and made the lid also from another cardboard. used an exacto knife and covered it with duct tape. You don't have to paint it you could use anything you wish. One thing make sure the cardboard is strong enough to hold your cats weight and playing around or with the box.

IT DOES WORK. I post about it here the day I made it. Also uploaded the photos to my flickr account. Of course I still have to clean but so much less and is better too cause it doesnt smell that much and people wont see the litter in the room as a litter just a box for storage. I even think is eco friendly somehow since you are recycling. That makes me happy.

Litter Making

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Versus Adventure

This past we days I have let Sondag run around the house. Parents aren't home so I am letting her loose around the house. She have been around the house but on her leash cause parents don't want her running around 'cause of the her hair goes everywhere. Anyways she always stares at the untouchables [my cockatiels] with so devotion. Ha! Therefore now that she is able to walk and finally get closer to them she just stares at them all the time. But she knows Im watching so she looks back to see if I'm still there and Yes kitty I am there. So don't go around with ideas of taking down the cage like you did once. I present you: Sondag vs. The Untouchables.

Sondag vs. Untouchable

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I moved d' store... to

For years I heard of this online shops or places where you can sell your stuff [art, old things, new things, whatever..] I have been wanting to sell my art for a long time but didn't know how to work that out. While on I read about but I went anyways with Both are online pages that give you the opportunity to sell your art, crafts and many other things.

I even check the famous domain opened an account that I have never ever used. Then went to and did the proper opening an account too in order to be able to give/get money the easy way direct from the back and stuff.

Finally today February 6 2009 I opened my freaking store with the people of I closed the store. I learned that etsy is a much bigger community. People really believes and respect as a mayor selling place so that is why I left

If everything goes as planned I will keep adding things to StockArt [that is the name of the store/shop] from time to time it depends on your demand. You can also go to the store by clicking the store tab on the navigation bar here on the blog. I will have for sale many things like plushies, cushions, canvas, my art and whatever comes to my mind that is why i named it StockArt. So now you know what to do.

I hope to see you there. If you have any questions, doubts or perhap a request you can leave me a message on the contact area or write me to my email [imreavel at gmail dot com]. I will gladly answer you back. Thanks for your support along the years. To keep posted on the articles and the store overall you can subscribe to my store .

Friday, February 06, 2009

25 things.

Normally this things are done so you can know more about the people that wrote them. You are supposed to tag or invite people to do this. I wont add anybody but that doesnt mean I am not interested on doing so. If you want to do it go ahead. if not well go ahead too. Anyways I would like to know you.

1. I have a huge respect roller coasters or anything related/similar to them. I feel safer standing on the ground.

2. Im in love with sharpie markers. If you ever want to give me something that would be a great gift. No need to wrap it. You can also add a moleskine notebook to the gift :D

3. I used to own an Apple computer but I ended up hating them and yes I used different ones.

4. Im a PC lover, still I know nothing about whats inside them. I just used them. I started using them in 1996 and internet like 2000 yeah not that long ago dial-up baby I kind of miss the sound when connecting sometimes.

5. I love Marvin "The Martian" character.

6. I used to hate cats.

7. I still have my beeper with me. So tiny and cute.

8. Favorite Motto: "Less is More" ... Never ever doubt it.

9. Long time ago I wrote the initial of a name on both legs with a mechanic pencil point [yes the metal thing not the carbon] it hurted but it didnt left a scar cause it wasnt deep enough Ouh Ignorance! :D

10. My favorite passage of the Bible is Isaías 54 : 13-17.

Y todos tus hijos serán enseñados por Jehová; y se multiplicará la paz de tus hijos. Con justicia serás adornada; estarás lejos de opresión, porque no temerás, y de temor, porque no se acercará a ti. Si alguno conspirare contra ti, lo hará sin mí; el que contra ti conspirare, delante de ti caerá. He aquí que yo hice al herrero que sopla las ascuas en el fuego, y que saca la herramienta para su obra; y yo he creado al destruidor para destruir. Ninguna arma forjada contra ti prosperará, y condenarás toda lengua que se levante contra ti en juicio. Esta es la herencia de los siervos de Jehová, y su salvación de mí vendrá, dijo Jehová.

All thy children shall be taught of the Lord: and great shall be the peace of thy children. And thou shalt be founded in justice: depart far from oppression, for thou shalt not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near thee. Behold, an inhabitant shall come, who was not with me, he that was a stranger to thee before, shall be joined to thee. Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and bringeth forth an instrument for his work, and I have created the killer to destroy. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper: and every tongue that resisteth thee in judgment, thou shalt condemn. This is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord, and their justice with me, saith the Lord.

11. I was raised on the Pentecostal Church. Even when I dont attend church like I used to I believe in God. Still whatever you wanna to do is your problem not mine. Respect that. I dont send people to hell for this reason maybe if you do me wrong I will send you to hell but no for your believes. Im not God.

12. I have never ride on a motorcycle... never will. that also goes for jet skies.

13. I hate math... but I like graphic art/design... guess what you HAVE to use math in almost everything... geometric forms rules the world. *sigh*

14. Back in the days i used to watch a lot of channel 6 programs. [channel 6 is a local channel] the show I watched the most was De pies a cabeza. Tambien recuerdo que vi el cd Vagabundo de Draco en la serie en una escena [haha] aqui un clip del intro

15. I met once Rafael Tufiño and we talked about coca-cola and blood pressure. We also took a photo, so nice that I got to met him. Now he is gone :(

16. I love jugo de parcha, china, tomate, tamarindo y moras.

17. I enjoy cooking meat. My favorite to do are costillas de ternera and fish [entero] on the BBQ. Im not good at doing rice.

18. I like crafting, recycling, using cardboards for storage and many things. therefore I keep things for long times so when the musa strike I'll probably have the item i need around.

19. I hate the movie Titanic. I find it stooopid.

20. I used to have a Nintendo. It got ruined cause I never used it. Yup, por falta de uso se danho. I still have my game boy. yeah the original one.

21. I enjoy art works done with typos only.

22. I like tattoos. People have asked me to design their tattoos but I always say no.

23. I love the Dodge Viper GTS in red.

24. La cancion Ojala de Silvio Rodriguez en la voz de Tito Auger es una plegaria para mi.

25. Always wanted to know ebanisteria. my dad used to do that and I enjoyed cutting wood and glueing it all together etc. Complicated but good.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mi vida entre fotografías se guardan y se olvidan.


Por: Jumbo 

Mi vida entre fotografías se guardan y se olvidan
Porque dicen la verdad
Dicen la verdad
Alguna vez oí decir que la vida era una película

A curso de los días llega la melancolía
Como las olas del mar
Como las olas del mar
Algunos días sí te estiran y atormentan tu armonía
Pero con la calma se van

Y cuando somos fuertes
Nos devora el temor de seguir
Cuando soy más débil
así, así, así

El tráfico de la ciudad es la versión moderna
De las estampidas de carácter animal
De carácter animal
El navegar las avenidas es como que no río en el día en que
Todo sale mal

El tiempo que contamos y que sobrevaloramos
De alguna manera viene y va
Siempre viene y luego va
A veces en la tarde cuando salgo por la calle
Me pregunto en dónde estás

Y cuando somos fuertes
Nos devora el temor de seguir
Cuando soy más débil
Hacer, hacer, hacer, hacer

El curso de los días lleva a la melancolía
Como las olas del mar
Como las olas del mar
Algunos días sí te estiran y atormentan tu armonía
Pero con la calma se van

Y cuando somos fuertes
Nos devora el temor de seguir
Cuando soy más débil
Hacer, hacer, hacer, hacer, hacer

Mi vida entre fotografías se guardan y se olvidan

Sunday, February 01, 2009

From basket to bed

I know today is like the super bowl or something but I am not into that. I only care about the ads and I haven't seen any either so I will quickly change subject and let the best one win. There goes my super bowl love. Watched the Heroes ad for the football thing it was awesome. Loved it. By the way I couldn't believe that is already super bowl time. Honestly days are passing by too darn fast and we are not living them we are just passing by them. So sad.

Anyways. I wanted to buy a bed for Mrs. Sondag but due to some economic issues I haven't been able to do so. This afternoon I was very bored lying on y bed suddenly I remembered that I had a basket on my old room that I wasn't using. Then it came to my head. Why I don't turn it into Sondag's bed? And so the idea was born.

I took some pictures of the before and after. Sadly I didn't too of the whole process. You will need to make some cushion/pillow for the inside of the basket, cardboard [like the ones you buy for displays you can find them at school/office supplies stores], the basket [if you can find on taller it would be great still they dont need to much space], some felt, scissors/exacto knife to cut everything.

Make the cushion according to the bottom of the basket, then cut the cardboard to the size of the top where is open [remember to cut it a little bit bigger cause this will be put at pressure on the top.. that is what I did.. but if you have better ideas go with them.. at least this worked for me]. Yes the whole so the kitty can go in. Make a pattern from other cat covered bed [ I made a stencil then marked the spot and cut it with some garden scissors since it is like wood you wont be able to use regular scissors] The felt is to cover up what you just cut but you can use whatever you feel like using.


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