Colourlovers & the koi

Do you remember the Koi fish that I did for one of the moleskine notebooks? Well Iwrote about it here. Anyways thing is that I just found out that one of the Koi fish I did was featured on Blog.
Their post for the day was The Chinese Year and The Color Red. In it they talk about the Chinese culture and their use of the color red as a sympbol of many things for them.
"The Koi fish is usually seen in paintings. Decorated food depicting the fish can also be found. It symbolizes surplus or having additional savings so as to have more than enough to live throughout the remaining year."
I am just happy and honored that they used it. Very glad and pleased. I bet they don't even know I am a member of their page. Still I am happy to be there. I love the page concept and its have been very useful for me when I need new ideas.

By the way Google Alerts are the best thing ever. :D