Artist of the Month: Super Villain

Artist of the Month: Super Villain, MasDelusion
Super Villain a 24 years old graphic artist/musician/graffiti artist/painter comes all the way from Springfield, Massachusetts. Met him thru myspace like a year ago. Always liked his graffiti and designs skills. He is also the owner of Bucket Fresh Studios an art related portal were you can find more information about local artist/music, many more things including interviews and a forum.  If you want to be part of the Crew just read the information provided here and submit your work.

His artworks is refreshing. Very urban and they to me me sme feel al bubbly and happy cause his drawing shapes are mostly rounded on the edges [the graffiti I mean]. His stickers panels are gorgeous and well drawn always painted with vibrant colors. The work I enjoy the most from him are his canvas. Mixed styles urban/street like and then you can also catch some of Pollock and Basquiat on it. Maybe it is just me but thats what I like. you can see many things.Still even with all those influences he manage to stay on his own style. 

+INFO: You can see his artworks on his personal To check on his music you can visit Mas Delusion Also visit and join the space to keep to date with the news activities/art and music.