Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fancy Feast & Fighting the M&M

Since I have Söndag in my house I have been using a lot more my phone and the videos. Also now that there is Qik I totally use it more often too since I dont have to upload nothing it goes Live as I recorded directly which is AWESOME!

I have lots of fun watching Sondag play around with my stuff and her toys. Learned a lot about her by doing so. In this two videos you will see her having a Fancy Feast where she is so glam that she even eats with her hands nothing of leaning forward [well not too much]. On the other one she goes after M&M Blue plush that I have and love. She fights with him a lot lately. Hmm!

I think that would be all for now. Ejjoy the videos.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Colourlovers & the koi

Do you remember the Koi fish that I did for one of the moleskine notebooks? Well Iwrote about it here. Anyways thing is that I just found out that one of the Koi fish I did was featured on Blog.
Their post for the day was The Chinese Year and The Color Red. In it they talk about the Chinese culture and their use of the color red as a sympbol of many things for them.
"The Koi fish is usually seen in paintings. Decorated food depicting the fish can also be found. It symbolizes surplus or having additional savings so as to have more than enough to live throughout the remaining year."
I am just happy and honored that they used it. Very glad and pleased. I bet they don't even know I am a member of their page. Still I am happy to be there. I love the page concept and its have been very useful for me when I need new ideas.

By the way Google Alerts are the best thing ever. :D

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sticker Phiends 2009

This is my submission to a this year sticker expo [link to 2008] hosted and organized by MadOne to be part of and expo he will be curating. The expo name is Sticker Phiends 2009 in the city of Phoenix, Arizona the 3rd of April 2009. This time I am sending like +100 so help me God to finish the last ones. I think I still have like 3 to go. I already painted some with the markers but tonight I did the big group. Anyways They are golden, black and chalkboard... yeah the ones that get them will be able to write with chalk on them if they wish. It is that cool.

I just hope they get there safe and people enjoy them. Until next year. I wish we had something like this here in Puerto Rico. I even wonder if there are other artist from Puerto Rico participating but how to find out? Wait! That could mean I am representing my country. This is like the olympics of sticker haha. I mean people from the world participate. Well anyways back to reality it is good to be part of this.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kokeshi Doll


In case you are wondering this is supposed to be a Kokeshi doll? I did it last night. Didn't took that long to make. While making the pattern I thought the size would be ok but when I was done sewing I noticed it came out too thin. This seems to happen quite frequently to me when doing new patters. Good thing is that now I know that I need more space and that I don't have to fill it out that much inside. It is always good to have something to do instead of been online all the time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I got mail.

ruki mail, originally uploaded by Reavel.

Very good day for me today. I was tired from work but quickly when I walked thru my house door I see this pink envelope. I see it haves my name and Ruki's name on the corner.

What a big and great surprise. She sent me a lovely, cute and awesome key chain with some hand made stickers of her characters. I don't think I will ever use the key chain cause I don't want it to get all ruined. I want to keep it all good and safe.

So thanks Ruki for making my day. Much love to you and your crew in Macedonia. Gosh I love internet. :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They were hiding in a closet.

Situaciones. Sabes cuando conoces a alguien desde pequenho, le vistes crecer, fue parte de tu familia y aun hoy dia a pesar de los anhos sigues en comunicacion con la persona de repente sabes algo que puede cambiar toda la imagen que tienes de ella asi por que si solo porque las acciones valen mas que las palabras y aun sabiendo todo esto no puedes creer en la situacion que se encuentra. Asi estoy yo.

Un momento muy triste. Una persona tan cercana tan de diario. La verdad que no se como explicar todo aqui. Una idea hipotetica. No jueges con fuego que te vas a quemar. Sabia que habia algo diferente raro. No era el mismo de hace meses pero como saber si el silencio es quien toma posesion. Porque no hablo porque no dijo nada de lo que sentia. Sera su instinto de preservacion? puede ser. Pero aun asi no es justo pues mira donde esta ahora.

Jamas crei que esto llegari a donde esta como pudistes permitir esto muchacho. Llegar a ese extremo. Espero que tomen la decision correcta y sacarlo de todo como muestra de que simpatizan con la contraparte. La persona no se merecia esto. Una persona que amabas y le haces eso... no hay manera de entenderlo. Vendra el juicio de los demas sobre ti. Debes pagar como pagaria cualquier persona. Tus credenciales no te dan garantia de que seras  liberado de esta situacion. NO deberia ser asi. Ahora no se que pensar no se que decir. No tengo nada para decirte. No puedo comprenderte tampoco pero ahora donde quedo todo por lo que trabajastes. Hechastes a perder el trabajo de anhos. Tus logros para mantenerte donde estabas todo se fue por la borda.

Con que moral hablaras ahora frente a los demas. NO hay manera de que resuelvas eso sin humillarte y pedir perdon no solo a ti si no a las demas partes. AHora con que ojos te miraran los demas con odio, desprecio? No puedo entender que te llevo ahi. Ahora cuando la gente pregunte como explicar la situacion? Entenderan? Captaran todo sin juzgarte? Lo dudo mucho. Estoy tan impactada por todo esto. No lo puedo creer. Me siento tan y tan mal . Defraudada enganhada no se.

Se que si leen esto se preguntaran que paso pero eso es algo que me reservo por la gravedad del asunto. No entrare en detalles pero la verdad que JAMAS esperaba tener que pasar por una situacion como esta. Espero que luego que reaccione la persona caiga en tiempo y reflexione en todo lo que hizo. Debe pagar por sus danhos estas cosas NO se hacen. Siento qe voy a llorar. Me siento insultada grandemente.

I need to talk to somebody... I really do. While I type this Im actually crying. My heart is broken, my eyes are red and I still dont get how all this happen. Since when all this happen. How did he managed to hide all that angriness inside of him? Was he jelouse? After all the questions I feel betrayed. I mean he tried to supposed it was the other part when it was him all the time. I dont get it. How can a guy like that become such a monster?SUCH a MONSTER!! How will I react when I see him will I trust him again. Would I even manage to talk to him again? I dont know what to think... and yes I know I have repeated myself again and again over and over but I really can't believe all this. He had all this demons hiding in a closet waiting to come out and ruin him and by him the rest....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Love & Lies

Tonight starts Big Love third season. I have to admit that I am not a big hardcore fan but I do enjoy watching it. HBO is the channel responsible for all this Big Love madness. If you want more info about it and the story you can go [here] and read it so you get a total clue of what is going on.

So HBO made this great trailer of the new season and I can tell it will be so much better than the others since there were so man things hanging loose between some characters. It was about time it started. When I first saw the trailer I was blown away by the soundtrack of it. I never heard that song before. I asked to a few people but no one answered. Then I went directly to the HBO/Big Love page and saw again the trailer but this time I could stop it and check on the lyrics.

Guess what? I found it. The song name is Lies and is performed by The Black Keys. I never knew they existed. Now I am totally happy they do. Love they jazzy/blues feeling on them. They have 7 albums but this song is part of Attack and Release the one released in 2008. If you haven't heard them then you should. You totally should.

Here are the video of the trailer, the song and the lyrics to this great song. Enjoy!

by The Black Keys
Songwriters: Auerbach, Daniel Quine; Carney, Patrick James

Said the moon was ours Yeah
Said the moon was ours

The hell with the day
The sunlight is always
Gonna take love away
Brings up suspicions
And alibies But I can see blue
Tear-blinded eyes Lies, lies, lies
Ohh, lies

I got a stone Where my heart should be
I got a stone Where my heart should be
And nothing I do
Will make you love me

I'd leave this time Break all my ties
Be no more Use for any disguise
Lies, lies, lies
Ohh, lies

I wanna die Without pain
I wanna die Oh, without pain
All this deception I just can't maintain
The sun, moon The stars in the sky
It'd hurt me too bad If you said goodbye
Lies, lies, lies
Ohh, lies

Friday, January 16, 2009

¿El Status?

El Status. Suena a politica. Lo se. No se preocupen no hablare de politica esa es una de las cosas de las cuales espero no tener que hablar mucho este año. Blogs de mas hay con ese tema y no creo que haga falta escribir mas de lo que ya uno esta harto.

Bueno regresando al tema El Status es una plataforma independiente en ingles para el arte que te ayudara a entrar y encontrar la verdadera escena de arte ontemporaneo de Puerto Rico. Si existe una pagina donde se pueden encontrar artistas, galerias y todo lo que necesites saber sobre lo que pasa en el arte localmente.

Tiene un listado de artistas que cubre los siguientes campos: Audio Sonido, Ceramica y Vasija, Arte Digital y Computadora, Dibujo, Cristal, Graffiti y Murales, Arte Graficoo e Ilustracion, Instalaiones, Intervenciones, Medios Mixtos, Multi-Media, Pintura, Performance, Fotografia, Impresion/Serigrafia, Esculturas, Textiles,Video y Cine. Tambien en la misma pagina puedes buscar a los artistas por nombres o campo al que se dedica.

Otra de las cosas que ofrece me encanto de la pagina es un listado de personas [curadores, ciriticos, autores, profesores y coleccionistas] a quienes puedes consultar de ser necesario con sus respectivos enlaces de informacion.

Ellos le dan espacio a las otras blog y paginas de arte locales. Algunas de estas son Trance Liquido , Repuesto , Conboca , Frente Sonico , MSA-X , da *Blog , Autogiro y El Naufragio de las Palabras . En realidad yo no conocia ni de la mitad solo de Trance Liquido, Frente Sonico y Conboca.

Me sorprendio el hecho de que tengan tanta informacion sobre el arte local. Acerca de las paginas el unico inconveniente que vi o encontre es que algunos no estan actualizadas desde el año pasado y otras no te permiten suscribirte a sus feeds. Creo que es mas que importante tener la opcion de los feeds abiertas para que asi la gente pueda seguirles y estar actualizados lo que es el objetivo principal de los feeds y de permitit que la gente pueda hacerlo.

Esta pagina fue creada por Lisa Ladner una joven de padre Suizo y madre Puertorriqueña. Lisa fue criada en Suiza pero viaja constantemente a Puerto Rico y Nueva Yourk. Ella termino un Maestria en Estudios Avanzados en Estudios de Cultura y Genero y como so su tesis. Acutalmente se encuentra estudiando su Dotorado y esta haciendo la busqueda para su tesis relacionada al arte contemporaneo en Puerto Rico.

En fin que El Status ofrece lo que hace mucho se debi hacer una pagina que tiene informacion importante sobre el arte contemporaneo. Un espacio a los artistas locales conocidos y los que se estan dando a conocer. Que no sobre cubre la pintura si no el arte en todas sus variantes. Asi que a la creadora de El Status gracias por hacerlo y dejarlo existir.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adios! Tommy Muñiz

Don Tommy Muñiz, considerado como uno de los padres, artífices y visionarios de la televisión puertorriqueña, murió hoy, jueves, a sus 86 años.

Nació el 4 de febrero de 1922 en Ponce, fruto del matrimonio entre Tomás Muñiz y Monserrate "Nena" Ramírez. Su hijo, Pedro Muñiz, confirmó a Prensa Asociada que el recordado "Juan" de "Los García" murió a las 6:40 de la mañana acompañado de su familia.

En 1944 contrajo matirmonio con Luz María García de la Noceda. con quien procreó ocho hijos Tomás, Mario, Pedro, Alberto, Rafael, Luz Consuelo, Hilda y Luz María, y una sobrina que acogieron como hija y quienes su esposa y el llamaban "Rubí".

Aunque el fuerte de Don Tommy era escribir, comenzó a despuntar como comediante en las comedias radiales "La familia Pérez" y "Torito & Co." junto a su insuperable amigo José Miguel Agrelot. Trabajó en varios de los más populares programas locales durante la época de oro de la televisión puertorriqueña. Además fue propietario del canal 7, y de Radio Luz donde fundo los programas como "El colegio de la alegría", "Esto no tiene nombre", "El show de Tommy", "Los García", "El show del mediodía" y "Borinquen canta".

En 1990 recibió reconocimiento internacional por su actuación estelar en el largometraje “Lo que le pasó a Santiago”, dirigida por Jacobo Morales. Su coprotagonizsta en el filme lo fue Gladys Rodríguez, con quien también trabajó en “Los García”. La película fue nominada al Oscar como mejor película extranjera. 

“Don Tommy” también fue productor radial, y dos de sus hijos, Rafo y Pedro, también se convirtieron en productores. Tras su retiro, publicó una autobiografía que tituló “Así he vivido”.

Pueden conseguir mas informacion aqui |

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Put a tag on it!

Well someone actually did that. I have been tagged by Sarai [@chunkyrican] some days ago. You can also check her webpage. She tagged me a few days ago but now that I'm not able to do many things I will do the tagging.
If I am not mistaken I have to write down five fun or interesting facts about me. Lets see what I can come up with of my "so many interesting facts".
"Intersting/Fun" Facts about me:

School System: I did my school years in different schools.
  • - PreK to 1st grade in Preparatoria La Aurora [best school ever]
  • - 2nd grade InterAmarican school [which I think doesnteven exists anymore]
  • - 3rd grade Colegio Santa Gema
  • - 4th to 6th grade Escuela Presbiteriana
  • - 7th to half of 10th grade Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Providencia
  • - The other half of 10th grade to 12th grade Esc. Dr. Gilberto Concepcion de Gracia.
• So yes I have been in some schools mostly private schools the last one was public school and I really enjoyed my days there. I have always been a good student. Parents working hours, work to home distance and home distance where major point on this movings. BTW there are no good or bad school. I think that the problem are the teachers and parents around the kids. Good parents and teachers make awesome kids.

Anime: I like anime: regular anime and hentai and yaoi. Yes I do. Some years ago I was turning into an otaku but dropped it. Never got a manga 'cause I knew I would got stuck on them. I still watch/enjoy anime and go to the conventions. About the hentai/yaoi thing. Nothing hardcore please just the subtle softcore, probably some hardcore without getting all the way there. I know some will say I am losing all the "fun" parts but NO thanks. I don't like all those tentacles, masochism, hanging from sealing, extremely tied up shit. Even when it is all fake to begin with [since it is animation] please it is really stupid. Yuri I don't like it but it always comes up on the hentai must of the times. Still there are some people that enjoy that so good luck to them. If you dont know what otaku, hentai , yaoi or yuri means google it.

Collector Factor: Things I collect or used to collect.
  • Letters, Cards and stuff: I collect every single card [holiday, bday, valentine, halloween, xmas] I've received, letters people wrote to me, postcards friends have sent, my 15th bday balloons. If you ever gave me a napkin and wrote something for me I probably still have it. I keep them on albums. [take note: don't tell me you wrote to me if it ain't on my album you never ever did. Your only plan b is to blame it on the USPS office]
  • Mugs: I used to collect mugs when I went to other countries. Now I dont cause they take too much space.
  • Pins: I replace the mugs for pins. Smaller and more efficients If there are no pins well a key chain or a postcard will do.
  • Empty Glass bottles: Sodas, alcohol, juice, any glass bottle that captivated my eyes. I just love the shapes of them. Also now days they come with interesting colors and packing. Now I only collect the ones I bring from other countries. I had problems with the space too.
  • Magazines: just the ones I find VERY interesting.
  • Notebooks: I don't know why but I have a lot of notebooks.
Siblings: I am "in fact" the third child of my parents. I had a sister that died days after been born and my mother lost a baby boy via natural abortion. Then I was born but I almost don't make it. I was born ending my 6th month starting the 7th and my weight was 4 pounds.After that I spent some days at the hospital. I have a sister that is the younger one [the "fourth" one]

Career Dream: Translator or world traveler/tourist.
When I was a kid I always wanted to learn a lot of languages and then travel around the globe. I grew up and started to love art so I went and started studying graphic arts. While making my way to the graphic art phase I studied Humanities. I even graduated with high honors from humanity but I didn't even knew I was about to graduate. [long story]. Then after graduating I finally ended my graphic artist phase. I still love art, I love history and humanity but haven't learned a lot of languages. Still I've tried. I started Italian and learned a some Brazilian Portuguese with some internet friends. Even without learning the languages I also manage to travel to some places and discovered that with Spanish and English you can do a lot. Still I encourage people to learn as many laguages as they can, but start at an early age, but it is never too late to learn reason why I'll try to polish my Spanish, English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Now I am supposed to Tag other bloggers but honestly I don't know who to tag.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fotos: Viejo San Juan

Ayer fue un dia bueno. Los otros dias estaba comentando sobre la falta que me hacia tomar fotos. Asi que me reuini con mi hermana y unas amigas en el Viejo San Juan. La pasamos muy bien caminando alrededor de la ciudad. Valio la pena la salida incluso cuando me lastime mi tobillo derecho por un mal paso. Pero como ya dije valio la pena.

Las fotos estan todas en Flickr bajo el Set de Old San Juan . De las 260+ fotos que tome las que me gustaron fueron 97 nada mas. Esto de las camaras digitales es un exito de verdad con tantas opciones. Antes eran 25 y resuelve con eso. Espero que les gusten las fotos y yo espero poder volver a tomar mas fotos de otros lugares pronto. Ahi les jejo una muestra.

Todas las fotos fueron tomadas por mi, por lo cual son de mi autoria etc etc... you been warned.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Claws, Bathe and what else?

Took this photos of the miss Sondag yesterday. Just checking if the camera still had baterries. I miss taking photos. Is been a long while since I take a really good bunch of them. As you can see little miss Sondag needs to cut her claws. I am really working on that subject. I called the veterinary the other day to make an appointment for her so he could cut them and also bath her.

I haven't told you that I tried and she almost killed me. Not a great idea after all I guess. After the incident I went online did a Google search and found out some good advices on other matters related to cat bathing and grooming. I am now waiting for the things to arrive so I can groom her. The veterinarian will charge me $63 for cutting her claws ad bathing her. Why so expensive 'cause she needs to be sedated. That is the only way to bathe her. Cute isn't it? I still love her anyways. Besides she doesn't stink... Yet! Is more a preventive and health issue.

[BTW: all photos are mine taken by me Reavel. so that you know]


Friday, January 09, 2009

Ready for the revolution?

Under the benevolent leadership of Chairman Meow, cats everywhere are ready to launch their bid for feline world domination. Now you and your moderncat can show your support for the revolution by purchasing these excellent Chairman Meow images on a variety of items from Obey the Kitty.

Other Obey the Kitty Items include these Shepard Fairey-esque cat breed images on t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, stickers and more.

Info taken from:

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Artist of the Month: Super Villain

Artist of the Month: Super Villain, MasDelusion
Super Villain a 24 years old graphic artist/musician/graffiti artist/painter comes all the way from Springfield, Massachusetts. Met him thru myspace like a year ago. Always liked his graffiti and designs skills. He is also the owner of Bucket Fresh Studios an art related portal were you can find more information about local artist/music, many more things including interviews and a forum.  If you want to be part of the Crew just read the information provided here and submit your work.

His artworks is refreshing. Very urban and they to me me sme feel al bubbly and happy cause his drawing shapes are mostly rounded on the edges [the graffiti I mean]. His stickers panels are gorgeous and well drawn always painted with vibrant colors. The work I enjoy the most from him are his canvas. Mixed styles urban/street like and then you can also catch some of Pollock and Basquiat on it. Maybe it is just me but thats what I like. you can see many things.Still even with all those influences he manage to stay on his own style. 

+INFO: You can see his artworks on his personal To check on his music you can visit Mas Delusion Also visit and join the space to keep to date with the news activities/art and music.


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