Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'll be back tomorrow.

I'm on my grandparents house. That means no internet. I took my iPod but head phones don't work. I took my cellphone but left the charger at home. I took my laptop but the plug cable broke up so no movies to watch and i can't charge my iPod either. Ahh there is just local TV here no cable.

I watched 40min of a movie cause I was also charging the iPod so the laptop died on me. To top things they just called me for work but I cant go till tomorrow because of this previous compromise I'm in. So yeah estoy sala!

I feel like on a rehab facility. Ha!
Well I get back to area metro tonight so I can fix all this 'minor' problems.
Until then. Good Morningband have a great day.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ouh My Gifts!

So yeah Christmas day just passed we all are now playing using or experimenting with our gifts. I have to be very honest I was shocked by my  Christmas gifts this year. Really shocked. Normally when you have your birthday near Christmas they give you just one gift that will cover all the celebrations of the season -Birthday, Christmas and Three Kings day-. My family went over the top.

My sister surprised me with an iPod -you will see it charging on the background- for my birthday. My dad/mom for Christmas got me an Wacom Intuos 4 and my sister got me Coraline DVD. I feel sad cause I couldnt or didnt got them anything. I can't afford to give them good expensive or well valuable things and I know they just don't care but I feel bad honestly.

I am working my way around to see if I can get them something for Three Kings days which is pretty soon -January  6-. I already have my sister cover but still need to get something for mom and dad. I really don't know what to get for mom she is kind of dificult in this aspect so perhaps a gift card will do... not sure. Dad I can get him anything from blue ray to computer stuff he is easier to deal with... Ha Ha!

We had a gathering the night before Noche Buena and some friends came over. We had arroz con gadules, pasteles, lechon, pavo and ensalada de papa. We still have many of the food around. It feels like Thanksgiving that you dont know what to with the turkey two days after well we are dealing with that now. It was quite cool to have people. It was an stressful week well weeks but it is all over now. Yey! Finally! Hope you all had a great Christmas day.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The iPod & I

So yeah I know have an iPod. Those that know me might be laughing since I always said that I would never give Apple a cent of my money. Truth is that I didn't spent a cent it was a birthday gift from my sister.

I always said if I needed to get a new mp3 player I was thinking of getting a HDZune but when I knew that the new one was going to have only 32g I changed my mind and the second best one was en iPod because of the wifi thing.

After days of playing with it I don't even know why we are still using phones. Yes I still don't get it. I mean you can reach people on their emails or via messenger or many other ways.

I thing that the only thing missing is the camara thing if the iPod had thay I would ebem bother to have a phone. With all the apps you dont need the damn phone thing. With that I could work.

Even when I do have this new toy I'll always love my Zune. In fact I prefer Zune as amusic device & use the iPod for the wifi & the organizing my life or agenda thing etc.

Well more posts to come from the iPod. I think I don't need a mobile phone contract besides no one calls me. I could spend that monthly payment on buying art supplies.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Winner of the 1st Blog Giveaway.

So yes we have a winner. The of this 1st Blog Giveaway is.... Jewels.of.India. Yes that is right. An Email have been sent to you now you have 24 hrs. Starting NOW to reply if you dont reply after 24 hrs. I will pick another winner as stated on the Rules of the Giveaway.

Please watch the video. It was recorded live a while ago.

Thanks to all the 16 people that participated on this Giveaway. If you didn't win don't worry I will have another one real soon. Just stay in tuned to The Blog by subscribing, following me on twitter or become a fan on facebook to stay updated.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Julie, Julia, cooking and blogging.

Today I saw some movies while I was working. Then when I got home I saw another movie my dad rented. The movie was Julie & Julia. I bet many of you have seen it. If you haven't that is cool too but you should see it anyways.

This movie was better than expected for me. I love the fact that Julie Powell was blogging about her personal project The Julie/Julia Project. I am so envious of Julie for the fact that her husband actually gave her the idea of opening a blog and get along with this project. She had a boring exhausting job but when she got home she had her kitchen.

I Like I have said many times keeping a blog is hard work. More this kind of blog but still she made it. I also liked the way she felt when writing and making the recipes trying not to lie on her post just write whatever happened cause she felt she would be not be truthful to her readers/fans.

I remember watching Julia Child and always believed she was a crazy woman nothing like I have seen before on the kitchen she always seem happy on her shows. I believe they were re-runs but I know I saw a few. She was like natural and did things the same way you do it on your kitchen. Nothing fancy just used what you had around. Always effective, always cool. I enjoyed it. I always said that lady is freaking tall but friendly. I believed she was British but she is from California... go figure she had a great accent nothing Californian.. [loved her strange accent] .

Anyways I liked the movie. Also they were both on their 30's so I guess I still can do things. I guess. There is hope for me some way. Now I gotta work on it. Ahhh.. I have to say this I loved Julia's kitchen it is a dream come true for anyone that enjoys cooking. So spacious.

PS: while looking up her info on the net on wikipedia it says there is another book from Julie Powell titled Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession... it is about or well it relates the story of an affair she had after the book about Julia was published and she goes traveling around the world learning the butchery skills... yeah she becomes a butcher. This book review goes from good to awfully bad so you might have to read it to really see what all this messy shit is about.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Book Project [pages 9-11]

This is the page 9-11 of my Book Project

More Info: I will make a drawing on every page until it is done. The project consist on using the same text for inspiration. Even when what you end up drawing isn't related to the subject/theme of the book. I will scan the text on the page and pick a phrase/sentence and from there I will try to illustrate it.


Kiss Me
Kiss Me

Many chairs
Many Chairs

Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting the Christmas Spirit

I know some people love Christmas season but I am not one of the. I have my own reasons. Still that doesnt mean I dont like decorating.

Since now I can do whatever I wanna do as in choosing the colors, etc.Perhaps now that I am on the second floor alone I should get the Xmas fever and start decorating the house. The other day I went to party city and saw lots of things that I liked but didn't think I should spend money on decorating for Xmas if no one would see all the hard work after.

Then I just decided  that I wouldn't decorate this year cause I had no parties planned in my house but my mother told me she invited a few people over for Christmas day to have dinner in my house. Umm yeah. So that made me get in the "spirit" of decorating. I will try to be make it unique and more like me. Very different from what people are used to see.

I will make it a Black/White Xmas decoration with some blues, grays and wood tones. I always wanted a wreath but not a green one I wanted something different and I have seen a few on the internet. I came across this tutorial on The Red Thread and made it mine departing from her idea. I had some scrapbook paper left and a cardboard some glue and black lace. Which means that the cost of the whole project was NONE. I had everything in my house. Total win!

I cut the paper in strips to make a ribbon look on the wreath. After that you just keep gluing all the paper doing whatever you feel like doing. Just have fun. Mine took me 3 hrs to do just because I made lots of details but it was all worth it. I didn't even felt the clock moving. So yeah I had fun. If I get to do more XMas decorations I will keep posting them.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Blog 1st Giveaway

Yes that is right! Continuing with the celebration of the 5th year of the blog I am doing a giveaway.
What better occasion to have a giveaway than an anniversary? For 5 years I have been posting nonsense and you still come and visit. I am very grateful with all my readers for their support and commenting on my posts.

If you are a frequent reader/visitor you will notice that I do handmade plushies, art, stickers and many other things so that is what I am giving away... my art.

This giveaway box will contain:
4 small plushies [all hand sew]
3 random prints of my drawings
some stickers
2 pins
one 5x7 original art on canvas.

You might be wondering... what I have to do?

What you have to do to be part of this giveaway?
Read carefully the rules and follow them.

1. SUBSCRIBE via EMAIL. That way I can notify you if you where the lucky winner.

2. It would be cool that you left leave a comment/message here with a link to your favorite post from The Blog and why. [this can be done in 3 sentences keep it short, thanks.]

3. The winner will be announced here on The Blog Sunday, 13 of December 2009.
If you are the winner congratulations. I will contact you and you are no where to be found 24 hrs. after the announcement I will choose another contestant. [Now you know]

4. Stay informed or updated about the giveaway. Follow me on twitter or my fanpage on facebook. Add #ReavelBlogGiveaway on your twitter message. If on facebook #ReavelBlogGiveaway on the wall or the subject of a message.

NOTE: After signing in... when posting your comment/message use the same
-- example if the email you are using to subscribe is write myhouse -- 
this is for me to match it with your email
 If they don't match You wont be participating on the giveaway.
-- PLEASE... DO NOT leave your email here

---Sorry for all the rules but I am trying to keep it real and that those that subscribe and do leave a message do get the prize and not someone that just wanted to get free stuff that don't appreciate the art and all the work of all this years.

Restoring and Saving Graffiti

I have heard that curators and museums tried to save and restore art considered fit to be part of a museum. But to hear that people want to save/restore a graffiti mural from taggers this is a new thing.

According to the news Banksy fans move an entire wall - to save his work from, er, graffiti artists there are this two guys Nick Loizou and Bradley Ridge that are trying to do just that. Save a graffiti mural from Banksy from other graffiti artist. Banksy painted the mural in an industrial estate just outside Croydon, South London, in August.

‘Banksy did it in broad daylight, at 2pm on a Saturday on a busy industrial estate. Lots of people saw him but no one realised who he was, or that they had a star in their midst.'

- Bradley Ridge

I have always believe that graffiti is truly an art form. Very beautiful and is constantly evolving. Then there are the people that just ruin the walls around the place. I just don't know why people have to tag all over other pieces. If there are so many walls to tag why in hell you have to tag a place that is already done. Unless you are trying to go to war with the artist. Which is totally stupid cause you would be just giving enough reason to people to believe graffiti is always vandalism and not a real art expression.

I am happy that this mural was saved and will be restored to its "original" state. People are already complaining about the idea of making money after restoring the wall. But if they just spent money restoring and making this be safe for future generations of art sake. Why not! I prefer that this two regular guys get the money for restoring/saving it than the government/private people getting the credit and saying they care plenty for this art form. No thanks.

They removed the whole wall after a couple of days of hard work. The mural will be taken to a secret & safe location so the restoration can begin. Banksy gave them his blessing on the matter so it is all good. I just hope that this new generation of graffiti artists that is growing now days respect your fellow graffiti artist. Don't go around tagging others people work. That is like if Picasso went to a Dali expo and painted all over his works. Did it ever happen? No... unless they were doing a collaboration then it is another story.

[mural orginal state]

How you want people to respect the graffiti art movement if you guys continue with this conduct. Show some respect for your fellow artist. Kudos to this guys that are pioneers on this matter. Saving graffiti. I just can see lots of wall been removed to be saved and restored after this. Maybe people will finally understand the value of this art. I just wonder where are they going to place them all. It will surely make a hell of a graffiti museum.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Korean kid sings...

So lately I have developed some likeness for the Asian side of the world. They have great food and hot guys. HA! yeah. I also did some research and made a post called Guys from East Asia. Lovely guys.

I was looking for a song and this guy from video of a kid from Korea came up... funny.. totally funny. But on the side bar there was this other kid from Korea so I was wondering if they were the same. It turns out that for my own good I was wrong.

This kid from Korea is named Kim Jonghyun he is lead singer of the group SHINee. Their videos came poping up in all mys searches. Don't know why. But i looked up for the video then. Heard one but couldn't believe it was him so kept looking and well yes it is him singing for real.

They sing R&B. Who knew? Very good voice and like the rest of them they have lots of fans all over. He even made a cover of Alejandro Sanz song Si fuera ella. Let me tell you that I admire him just because of that. That is a real challenge that not everybody can pull out... and in another language. Dude amazing! Teary eyes and all he took from me.

Well you have to watch it. I am now looking for more info on this guys. The song of this video is called Incomplete a song by Sisqo. This guys doesnt seem to be incomplete at all. You go kid.

I belong to you...

Song: I belong to you
Artist: Muse
Cd: The Resistance

When these pillars get pulled down,
It will be you who wears the crown,
And I'll owe everything to you

How much pain has cracked your soul?
How much love could make you whole?
You're my guiding lightning strike

I can't find the words to say,
But they're overdue,
I've travelled half the world to say,
I belong to you.

Then she attacks me like a Leo,
When my heart is split like Rio,
But, I assure you my debts are real

I can't find the words to say,
When I'm confused,
I've travelled half the world to say,
You are my mu-

(Ah! Réponds à ma tendresse,
Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse,
Réponds à ma tendresse,
Réponds à ma tendresse,
Ah! Verse-moi l'ivresse,
Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse,
Réponds à ma tendresse,
Réponds à ma tendresse,
Ah! Verse-moi l'ivresse,
I belong,
I belong to you alone)

I can't find the words to say,
But they're overdue,
I've travelled half the world to say,
I belong to you

Thursday, November 26, 2009

5th Anniversary of The Blog

So yeah its been a long way since I started blogging. According to the records 5 years ago today I opened this blog or at least made the first post.

I never ever imagine I would talk about so much bullshit in one same place. Don't get me wrong but you know what I mean. We start a blog and many don't manage to keep it for even 6 months cause many of us think that people wont care. See that is your first problem you are not having fun while you are doing your blog.

When I started this adventure I did it because I had the urge [back then] to write some stuff and keep it all in one place. I now go back and wonder what the was I thinking when I wrote that. Was I so stupid? No I wasn't [well maybe I was]. Anyways the important thing is that I can read what I was going through and now I can see what I have become [what that havent changed a lot LOL!].

After a few dilemas and many years this have evolved from a mear diary, journal to my art loving book. I have posted all my art adventrues. I went political a few times. Posted about history, music and many photographs some decent some not so decent [if you know what I mean] but hey all this made me grow as a human being. I had joy, suffering, meltdowns, rants, happy days, great experience but that is what blogging is all about.

I want to thank all my readers that have been here some silently others more expressive. Thanks. They come an go others stayed and went on this rollercoaster. I am looking forward to keep sharing my life experiences with you. So see you around and your comments are always welcome.

If you don't have a blog you should get one. Only if you are willing to have fun while doing it. Is not all about the readers. Yes they are important but a blog is mostly you and what makes you happy and you love/hate. Only then you can share great things for so many years.

PS: I will make a giveaway on the week of 6 december to 12 december 2009. So stay around to see what all this giveaway is about. It shall be fun and I want one of you my dear readers to get this anniversary/xmas gift for all your support. Again Thanks!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Clip Exchange

It's been a while since I do a trade or exchange. So I got in touch with my friend Ruki from Macedonia and told her that we needed to fix that. We were going to do some sticker exchange but I made an upgrade from stickers to clipboards.

I love doing exchanges. The expectation and wondering what the other side will come up with is fascinating for me. So I am really looking forward to do this exchange with her after all this time without charing my art with others. Other exchange I am looking forward is the one with Johannes that we already had one but never knew what happen with the notebooks [silly. i still think I have them. awkward...]

Anyways here is the clipboards I'm trading. I shall send them to her and then she gets to keep one and send me the other one after she is done. :D Love doing this!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Project [pages 3-8]

This is the page 3-8 of my Book Project

More Info: I will make a drawing on every page until it is done. The project consist on using the same text for inspiration. Even when what you end up drawing isn't related to the subject/theme of the book. I will scan the text on the page and pick a phrase/sentence and from there I will try to illustrate it.

The Visitors Try to sleep Watching them
The bath Phone Calls All our luggage 

Radio Informing

This is the page 2 of my Book Project is my new project. 

More Info: I will make a drawing on every page until it is done. The project consist on using the same text for inspiration. Even when what you end up drawing isn't related to the subject/theme of the book. I will scan the text on the page and pick a phrase/sentence and from there I will try to illustrate it. 

Radio Informing
Radio Informing [page 2]

Monday, November 23, 2009

Book Project

Book Project is my new project. I had this book for quite some time I have no idea were I got it. I think it was on Borders and they gave it to me when I bought some thing there... something like that.

I will make a drawing on every page until it is done. The project consist on using the same text for inspiration. Even when what you end up drawing isn't related to the subject/theme of the book. I will scan the text on the page and pick a phrase/sentence and from there I will try to illustrate it. I hope this helps me out on my drawing. Looking forward to finish this and see the final result. I already have 4 drawings but I will post one each day.

Perfect for soaking
Perfect for Soaking [page 1]

Toolbar on The Blog

Hello! this is just a post to inform or explain some of the changes on the blog. If you are reading us via email or on a reader you might not have seen any of the changes at all but if you do visit our blog directly you might have noticed that from yesterday on the blog will have a toolbar on the bottom of the page.

[please click on image for full clear view]

This toolbar is powered by Why a toolbar? I think that the toolbar will be more effective in the way the blog looks. It wont have lots of things on the sidebar or on the bottom. Making the blog heavier to the eye and showing things that are not of everyone interest.

Below I just made an explination about the whole toolbar [from left to right] and what you can do with it while on the blog.

[please click on image for full clear view]

  • Switch search provider: this allows you to search inside to blog or on google

  • Search bar: well a regular search bar where you type the info you are ehhh searching.

  • Translate the blog on 20 different languages [including: Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Bengali.] I just added the more frequently used from my visitors.

  • Recent Posts: allows you to see the latest post.

  • Random Posts: allows you to view a random post from the blog.

  • Subscribe to blog RSS

  • Share: Share the blog on different social networks [facebook, twitter, delicious, stumbleupon, digg, myspace, friendfeed, techonorati and so on.]

  • Fan Page: This shows you my Fan Page on Facebook. From here you can see the latests activities/updates from me or my fans. Also you can join fanpage.

  • Community: This creates a community on facebook with me and the visitors. lets ay a group where you can comment with others visitors whatever you liked/didn't liked about the blog.

  • Twitter:  You can see who is post about the blog on twitter. You can also search or follow me on twitter from there. You can reply, retweet or search.

  • Notifications: here you can read my lastest notes to you the reader. sometime they show up automaticly but if they dont you can always check them here.

  • Minimize/Expand: If you dont like the toolbar you can click here and it will hide.

Well there you have it the complete guide to the new toolbar on the blog. Hope you find it very useful. Now you know.

Pepe Villegas

Painter, photographer and architect among other things. Pepe Villegas [Pepe being short for Roberto Jose]  was born and raised in Puerto Rico currently living in New York. If you visit his website you can see his vast experience and exhibitions.

I found about him on youtube. He designed the mural for the first Heineken Art Crawl and Murals Art series 2009. The mural is located on the 149th Street & 3rd Avenue in the Bronx, NY. Here is the video of that mural. I was thrilled to find out about his website and he even haves twitter @PepeArte. I wished many of the local artist opened up to all this technology it would be easier to share their info with the world.

His paintings and the mural quickly reminded me of Picasso and Dali. Lots of movements and abstractions. Rough figures and textures of some of his artworks. Telling little stories on every paiting. Rich in color and emotions. His photographs are also quite intriguing. Presenting people nature and places he have travel to.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reynaldo Santiago

While searching on youtube for arte puertorro encontre este video de un artista llamado Reynaldo Santiago. Lamentablemente no hay mucha informacion sobre el en la internet. Pero el sale en el video explicando su tecnica, inspiracion y vision.

Los canvas de los arboles playeros como el mencionan se ven fotograficos. Cuando los vi enseguida pense q eran fotos tomadas desde debajo de los arboles pero no. Son pinturas creadas por el pero se ven casi fotograficas. Encontre interesante su otra tecnica de fotografia y graffiti. Muy buena combinacion.

Ahi les dejo la info que encontre de el.

The Art House proudly presents Reynaldo Santiago, a Puerto Rican artist who interprets the beach and flora of Puerto Rico on canvas. Also shown are his digital multi-layering of street graffiti art with Puerto Rican images associated with daily life on the Island.

New Drawings

A few days ago I did this drawings. They were ment for something especific but since its been like a month or so and I still have any reply I think I can publish them besides I havent signed a thing. So here they are. I really liked the skulls and the owl drawing. My favorite one from all the group is the city one. It haves many things but the textures are so cool to make. Really enjoyed making this drawings.

I think I can do stuff with them so soon you will know and see. I know many people like my art and want them on tattoo if that is your case awesome I can do that for you. Remember that I have my style so try to make it one of the already made drawings. Wait yeah they look cool for tattoos. Ha! I can't believe I am saying this after all this years.

Anyways nevermind. I hope you like them. Remember comments are always welcome. As always done with sharpies.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tim Burton at MoMA

Ouh! New York city of dreams. Why!? Why you have to have now an exhibition of Tim Burton at the Modern Museum of Art?

Yes. That is right the exhibit starts tomorrow and runs through April 26, 2010. the MoMA museum [which I haven't visit yet... sadly] will have this awesomely interesting exposition of Tim Burton works. I have to say that I might not be a hardcore Burton fan but I love his art, characters, movies and way of seen/expressing things. He is like the dark lord Midas that everything that he does or touches ends up been more valuable that even gold. But don't worry he knows what he is doing. Pretty talented he is.

I have written a few posts about him on my blog. I think I even have more posts about him than of Vincent Van Gogh [my favorite painter of all times] so you get the idea. He never ever stops to amaze me. Even when he haves his own characteristic trademarks in every thing he does you never get tired of it [well at least I don't] I am totally looking forward to Alice in Wonderland. 

I think that right now this is the only interesting thing that could make me go to NYC for a weekend. Besides I have family there I could go and see the expo. Ouh! The ideas I just got on my mind. Ouh! MY!... mind corrupted. I really wish I could go. It will be a surreal experience to watch the art, the paintings, dreses well everything from movies like Bettlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before X-Mas and so on. Would be an opportunity of a lifetime. Those fans admirer of Mr. Burton that are nearby that area, please do go. 

Anyways I wont torture myself anymore. Here are
some pics [from] and the video of the MoMA exibition spot.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Photos: Vacations: Carnival Victory.

So look no futher the photos are finally up. I also uploaded one of the videos of the waitress dancing. They did this shows like four times always different always fun.

I hope you enjoy the pics and check out the places we went too. Like I said before we had lots of fun and totally looking forward to visit this or other islands via cruising.

The only thing I regret is not doing a cruise before. I have missed a lot of things. But now that I know I am not going back for a while to planes unless it is needed [LOL!] If havent taken a cruise ship you have to ASAP!. Well I am out. Enjoy. 

PS: If you want to see the photos better you can go to the Flickr set Vacations: Carnival Victory.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back to reality, Sigh!

Yes, Back to reality... sigh! But I have to admit I loved the cruise. It was so awesome that I am thinking of taking some vacation from planes and start using the boats more often. I love my family that lives in the states but hey I go there almost every year I think it is time to spend some money outside the family circle and do some traveling for my own enjoyment. Don;t get me wrong people I love you all but I need some time for me, myself and I.

Loved about the cruise well that is easy. I loved everything. There were two guys that I which I could take home with me. The guys that made my room be so awesome for the whole stay. Every time I got back to the ship my bed was perfectly made. They always had a smile they were awesomely nice. Gave them a good tip cause it was very well deserved. So I salute you Benedicto and Ronald [sad I couldn't say goodbye to Ronald cause he left for vacations before I left the ship] I am really looking forward to do this again SOON.

The food was spectacular. They even had shows between serving the dinner. They danced, sang and were really cool. When you see old people actually dancing to the song that says shorty got low low low you know that is a good thing and they are having fun. My sister got some videos of those shows I'll see if she shares with me one of them. They even had a waitress with stripper moves. Hilarious.

All the amenities were in fact great. Pools filled with beach salty water, glorious hot tubs, discos, Broadway/Las Vegas style shows they had everything. Ouh! The food was incredibly good. Great buffets, great menus at restaurants and food available 24/7 to the point that you have to learn to control yourself on the eating.

The islands we went to were gorgeous. I learned a lot from each and one of them. Little of history, culture, geography, volcanoes, beaches and so on. Lots of information and you can evaluate yourself what you have what you really need. What you have that didn't even think you had cause you just believe you deserved it and so on. A real reality check to appreciate what you have and enjoy it. Happiness isn't what you own it is what you can give back.

Anyways... here are some photos. Not all of them just a few so you get the main idea of what I did around St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua and St. Kitts. If you ever have the chance to take one of this trips Do it. It doesn't matter which company you will enjoy it anyways. Besides getting relaxed and pampered you can learn a lot of things. Skip Disney next year and take you kids with you. It will do them good.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Carnival of Victory

Hello dear readers.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. The last week was very though. I had to do the work of two weeks in four days. Working from 9-10hrs daily but it will be so damn worth it. I had to do all this cause I am leaving today on a Cruise around the Caribbean islands [Southern Caribbean: San Juan, Puerto Rico ; St. Thomas, USVI ; Dominica ; Barbados ; St. Lucia, WI ; Antigua ; St Kitts, WI ; San Juan, Puerto Rico] Yeah! I can't hardly wait to get out.

I had some issues last night that I even believe I would had to go to the emergency room but thanks God it is all good now. Some heavy treatment last night helped me out. Anyways.. this is my first time on a cruise so I don't know what to expect. People say it is very awesome but I don't know. I wanna see what all the deal is.

I will be back on Sunday so this week will be another slow posting week but you have been warned. If I can get online on the cruise you will know it but I will try to avoid it. You know get some twitter, blogging, internet rehab and enjoy the outdoors. I will try to get lots of pics even when I am not a photographer I totally enjoy taking pics of the places I visit.

Well that is all for now. Enjoy your week. I know I will enjoy mine. Later guys.

Ouh! By the way this is the baby i will be cruising in Carnival Victory.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

U2 Live on Youtube

Despite what people says and thinks U2 is one of the best bands ever. No, I am not a fan of the band or a fan of Bono. I could care less of what he does even when he does many good things. Some might say he is egocentric but he started all this artist involvement with causes and made it a trend among them.

Anyways... Last sunday the band had this amazing concert LIVE via Youtube available to every people on the planet for free. Now you can even share it and post it on your blog. The repeated the concert the whole night and day. It was transmitted directly from the Rose Bowl in California to the rest of the world. It started at 8pm California time so it was 12am of Monday in my house. I was sleepy but I watched the whole concert. It eended at 2am. I sang and loved the whole thing.

Again not a fan but I am grateful to U2 and Youtube for this initiative. I look forward [well everybody] to other artist copying this. In this days when traveling and buying concert tickets are like too expensive for some of us this is great. I could never ever attend a U2 concert. But i just did. Virtually yeah but I just did. Saw it live. Watch the whole video here. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fire! Cataño is burning.

Since Friday morning the north of Puerto Rico have been on fire. This is because the gas refinery on the town of Cataño Caribbean Petroleum [CAPECO] explode at 12:30am. The explosions shock wave felt like a 2.8 earthquake so many buildings were damaged. It was felt in Bayamon, Carolina, San Juan, even in as far as Cidra and Santa Cruz island.

I knew about this at 4:30am of that day thanks to twitter. I woke up and saw that my stream was full of #explosionpr tags and wondered what the hell happen so the guys told me and i turned on the tv and this is what I found out.

photo from kikalove3

I was shocked and surprised about the whole thing. At least no onw died on the explosion. As usual people start making their conspiracy theories and there have been alot since this started from a plane that crashed to terrorism to political uprising or goverment act to fix their image and so on. People get very creatie with things like this. Anyways the news spread out quickly and it hit the internet. Even on far away countries lke Japan and Spain informed about this. The Coast Guard closed down the bay. The prisioners from near by jails were moved to another buildings. A total chaos that morning.

I got to see the dark cloud at 6 am when the sun came out cause I live far away from the explosion but since it was so big people could see the cloud of their house roofs. This is the view from my house at 7 am in the morning that friday. Took it with my cellphone.

On the gas refinery haves/had like 40 tanks. Of those 40 the last time I heard the news 15 of them already blew up. Some were full other were empty. The contmination of the skies have been a mayor issue and problem for many people and water systems like lakes and rivers around the area. The cloud is now full of acids, quimic compounds that are a threath for the health of the citizens.

It is still burning cause they can't turn off the fire. the FBI came here to investigate al this matter and possibles theories on what happen here. Many say that Caribbean Petroleum made all this happen because of the insurrance so they can get all the money. Other say it was sabotage so we have to wait to see what the investigation says.

The only good thing about this is that no one died. If you want to know more about this you can check out here. One thing is for sure this was a lesson for all the emergency authorities on how to deal with a situation like this. Like an earthquake or fire drill. Still I am sure that they are not prepared to deal with something like this even after this. People tend to forget too soon and take things for granted.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Website Facelift

Finally got a different look for my website. I went straight to use color but tried to keep it really simple. The name is form like a thread. Did everything on Photoshop. Not that complicated.

I am really happy with the result. I draw the name then took photos of it and uploaded it to PS. Later with some brushes and a little of imagination here are the result. All the text in cursive that you will see is my handwriting. It might not be that cool but I love it cause it makes it more personal.

Enjoyed the process of rebooting my site. Well hope you all enjoy and embrace the new more girly adult cute look that my site haves now. It even looks more serious I think. Anyways enjoy the pics. Watch it LIVE at To see previous designs of the site check here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update: Living Room

So Yes! I have finally made it. Now you will see the divider I talked about here. I spent the yesterday morning painting this 42 12inches wide round cardboards to match the dinning room and the living room. I attached all the circles with chains loops [the one you buy for the fan roof].

I asked my dad to help me out making the holes on the roof to place the cup hooks so I could hang the "curtain/divider". I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself. I finally did what I wanted with "my" house. It looks so cool. To paint the circles I used regular paint interior, spray can in black and gray and also some of the scrapbook paper I've been using for the small projects around the house.

Well enough with the talking take a look and if you like it you can leave comments. Enjoy the pictures.




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