To Do List: 2009

Trying not to waste my time writing about things that really don't matter or shouldn't matter so I will just skip that theme. Right away. Only this words I just wrote so that you know that I know.

So... now....

Hi how you been its been a while since I wrote here just because of it. I guess I've dedicated too much time to something I didn't. I just got hurt on the process in many ways. It was fun when it started. afterwards I felt more alone than ever before so what to do quit it. I tried to gain friends meet new people from around my island and again it have become a disaster. I'm sticking with the people across the oceans. Go back to my art mode and try to enjoy that part of my life like I did before getting on this massacre.

I almost even forsake my friends just to find new ones with whom I could share some other points of view of my life but seem I never needed to do that. Lesson learned. Still I'm not erasing my whole life there just not caring a fuck about what people say think or do. I never learn it seems. I always think people will or could do this or that and at the end it all ends the same way. I'm the one to blame cause I'm the one with some "hope" of whatever... *sigh*

Things TO DO in 2009.... [note that this isn't a resolution]
  • Go back to Blog about the things that really matter to me in the art department which I have forsake for some time now. Going back to the artist of the month thing.
  • Do more plushies
  • Make more custom items [sneakers, bags so on]
  • PAINT again in a huge ass canvas. Then stay painting on canvas.
  • Return to photography. I'm not professional but I do love taking photos of the simple of things.
  • Get my stickers done for Sticker Phiends 2009. The target or mission is to make 200+ stickers and ship them away to Arizona. I think I'm even sending the clipboards this time. Not sure yet.... Not sure.
  • Start again my art related posts of art and artists like artist of the month. That was a really good idea that I stopped doing don't know why.
  • Pay more attention to my Google Reader feeds and add more every time. Delete the ones that hardly update or are no longer interesting for me.
  • Sondag... keep her updated and well. 
  • Stop visiting Twitter. Sometimes I even wonder if going there was a big mistake. I got to know some great people so it wasnt that bad at all. Maybe I just need to clean the list and add new ones, perhaps. Maybe what I only need to do is leave.
  • Start reading again. I have stopped reading that have been really bad decision for me.
  • Stay in touch with my friends more often. I have some how forsaken them trying to get new ones... EPIC FAIL!!!
  • Learn to say NO...
  • Then in some situations say YES!
I think that is for now. Later on I guess I'll get more organized and make a longer To Do list or something.


  1. art is alwaaaysss good!! and always, always... always needs attention!! good luck with all!


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