This year... in a few words

It's 6:41 Im still in my bed. I don't have to work. Actually I took the day off I did had to go to work. It's Christmas. No one should work iChristmas. Still there are some that need to do so. Anyways like I said Im laying on my bed as I type on the tiny screen of my cellphone with my fantastique stylus.

Söndag is walking all over the room like checking that everything is were it should. She is a lovable creature. One of the best things that happend to me this year. I learned to love her andI dont regret [for now] that I kept her. People think I bought her but she just showed up on my backyard. Lovely second chances kind of story.

The room is cold. Its been like this all this past week. Its been great and I can certainly live like this all year long. Chilly in the morning, cool breeze along the day and then regular weather the rest of the day. Its almost perfect. Funny thing is that I wanted to do a post like resuming what happend for me this year and I went blank. Totally blank! Therefore a question popped in my head. Did something actually happend. Wait! Let me remake the questio... Did something important happend? I could say yes, so many things happed.

I really wish I could break it down by months but I don't remember things so exactly so it wont happen.

The highlights of my year:

• I got Söndag. I became a cat lover.
• I started a diet I never ever finished or well kept. Had some issues along the day that didn't helped me to stay focus on it.
• I did some plushies. Haven't sold one yet. [haha] but I enjoyed hand sewing them.
• I got a Nissan Versa of my own that I still don't drive because I still don't have the license to do so.
• Met cool people this year.
• Best friend asked me to be her madrina for her wedding.
• I opened an online store. Very small nothing big, very simple.
• I got a handy dandy cellphone. Very geeky one in fact. I love it.
• I celebrate my 30th year of living. [so old...]
• I made some custom shoes for meself.
• Joined too many social networks.

I think this pretty much could resume what I have done. Nothind big just. Just every day things. Im still writing with my stylus here which it col become quite a burden.

I will try to edit this later, add some links and photos. I can't do everything from here. Until then keep reading.