Mystery Man

I watched this video the other day and feel in love with it. The animations are great seem simple but it ain't simple to make them. Gnarls Barkley does it again and twice. The lyric [posted below] couldn't be better and it proof that you don't need a mega production to make an excellent captivating video. This band is great and I surely hope to see more of them around for many years to come.

I may be a mystery
But I'm mostly a man.
And if i can't do what you want me to
Then just let me do what I can
See I knew you'd understand

Now I'm a lover and a smiler
It's only been once or twice that I've ran
But I've been there, I've got the pain to prove it
But I live to fight again
And I know you understand

We're pieces to a puzzle
The big picture and plan
But until I know for certain
You have to take me as I am

And I hope you understand

Song: Mystery Man
Artist: Gnarls Barkley
Album: Who is gonna save my sould now [EP]