Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

In the picture above I had 23 days. This are my first photos cause I spent 22days at the hospital. I was born starting my 7months. Weight like 4 pounds[which I could stay fit] It was a Monday December 11 at 2pm so they say.

Now at my 30's I can say I have been places I have done things but I still have lots to do and lots of places to go. Many people to meet and forget. Experiences to cherish, blessings to share. Not always a shiny day but still the sun always comes out for everyone. I lost my grandma from mom side last year she was 96 [the one on the upper left side]. I still have my grandma from my dad side [the one on the lower left side] The other me mom carrying me. And the other one on the top is me. Those are the three woman that raised me.

I still have me dad and his dad[ me grandpa the only one I knew] I have me lil sister and God knows how much I love all of them. I have my friends that have come and gone but all good and bad made me how Im with all the things [good/bad] they thought me along this 30 years of life that God gave me. I am a miracle and even when I have been ungrateful sometimes I have to ask for forgiveness and accept it was God's will to keep me safe. I don't know why I am here but He knows [maybe me mom/family/friends prayed too much and her faith kept me alive.


  1. Felicidades con retraso!
    Bienvenida a los 30!
    Muchos besitos

    PD: Espero que hayas soplado fuerte las velas para que tu deseo se haga realidad.

  2. Hey gracias por la visita y pues si tuve que soplar fuerte pq eran muchas :S



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