Feeling Creative: Priceless!

My birthday is Thursday of the next week. My birthday party will be on Saturday. Last years I had this huge idea for a birthday party. I was going to invite lots of people, maybe have a local band playing and all. Then I realize that it was going to be a lot of mess, way expensive [economy this days ain't helping either] and well not everyone that went there will be people I know.

Therefore I decided to do it in a smaller place with people I really know or are in the process of knowing. I am pretty cheesy in all this stuff and I decided to make some "party" favors. Honestly I did it cause I got this wacky cool but so creative idea of doing it that I went on with the project. It is a little token of me to give to my friends. My creative and appreciation to them for been around for so long or just been there when needed the most. Still I know this is no way to pay all that but it is something I wanted to do.

I hand painted the packages/designed them, burnt the cds oe by one on my almost ruined laptop [rants on the matter here 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ], did the stickers, then did all the rest on my own. It contains cool stuff that I hope my guests will enjoy. Materials used: acrylic paint, spray can, black cardboard paper, white regular paper, ribbons and cds. It was a mess but I had fun doing everything I always do. I love to feel creative and this gave me that opportunity. Its been a long while since I felt this creative honestly. Long time. Im really proud of the outcome of this. Hope people appreciate it and enjoy it as much as I did.