Dear Reader: Merry Christmas

Dear Reader:

This year have been very crazy for me. Well I think for the whole world in fact but that is another subject for another post. I think I'll make an end of the year post trying to resume the whole thing. It will be grand.

I have to be honest. I am not to fond of this season and the whole issue of people waiting for this time to make big changes and forgiving other or themselves. You have 365 days to do it so why wait till now. I feel the same for the rest of the holidays celebrated the rest of the year. Still I do hope you have a nice holiday season cause I know that for some this really means something or just make this their emotional peak time etc.

I see this time like a time were family, lovers, friends well humanity should stick together and celebrate life and a new year arriving. To be better humans making better choices for ourselves and the world we live in. So there you go and have yourself a very nice Christmas. Don't forget to go to a church give thanks to God for all the good and bad things. Pray for a better guidance for the year to come. I know you already did it on Thanksgiving day but doing it again wont hurt you. In fact it will do you good.

Thanks for the visiting,reading and supporting me all this years. This new year I hope to see you around and contribute even more. Even when you think it doesn't matter it does matter and it is important for me to see you around. Anyways... Doesn't Sondag look great under the tree. Yes she does.

Xmas Card