Black Thinking

There is this site called I have no clue of what is the main purpose.. or if there is any. I just know they collect things that is the only "explanation/justification" they give out. Seems pretty cool for me.  

You will notice the OCB everywhere. What is this OCB? Well it is a name of company that sells papers/filters to smoke tobacco. Go Figure!

I still dont know what ones have to do with the other they just say they are friends. Thing is they have two videos called The Eye and The Fly / Black Thin King. It is all black and white very 40's like. Great surreal video. Both videos were made by Marcelo Baldin from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is an Art Director and Sound Designer.Visit for more information on his works.

The Eye and the Fly from combustion on Vimeo.

Black Thin King from combustion on Vimeo.