This I've Learned: Week no. 48 year 2008

This past week and the one before this one I had/went some events/situations and I certainly did learned a few things. This is the good thing about living and the days passing by. They always teach you something for good or worst but you learn. That is what makes life a little bit more exiting [lets say...]
  1. When you organize an event like the one that took place in La Placita de Santurce you BETTER check it the place is big enough for the crow that will attend. Good bands, but way to fucking crowded and no place to move. Good shows by the bands good sound but small place. Free events NEED more space to make the people feel comfortable not compressed to one another. Thanks!
  2. I really liked the technique of applying acrylic first to the shows then paint them with the rest of colors needed. The marker does stick to it. Does't run off when wet. That is a super plus. Might apply this technique from now on since it is more user/buyer friendly.
  3. Im enjoying having Qik on my phone. I finally managed to add my Qik videos to my Youtube videos .
  4. Don't drink too much don't mix drinks will give you the headache of your life. You might enjoy the feeling the night before but in the morning you will regret it. I think this one everybody knows it... 
  5. Note to Parents or those parenting: Choose wisely your words when you want your offspring to help you out in something. If you don't do this you might end up all alone doing the work at the end. I guess that isn't what you planned for, right?
  6. Be always honest with your boss. pay attention be honest not rude not to harsh just honest. so they know where/what you stand for. That way they wont play games with you or dare to make you a stupid question. It always work for me.
  7. I still don't like any of the lolly pops songs. I think they are stupid. WAY stupid.. nonsense.
  8. I still don't enjoy holidays like the one we had yesterday Thanks Giving Day. Not that I don't believe in it cause I do. But again it is all commerce shit and no real meaning behind it. You should give thanks everyday for what you have not pretend you are grateful just for one day and fuck up the rest of the year. I spent the whole day sleeping had a good day.
  9. XMas is around the corner but hey we know that since before Halloween. many places had already decorated the place skipping the Thanks Giving Day. Way to show you care about the giving thanks thing.. nop they don't just give them the damn gifts of XMas.
  10. Friends. What are friends? Really, what makes us want to have friends loneliness? boredom? what? Im still searching for that answer. I know people right now I don't know if I've friends. Just people that I know. Sorry! 
  11. I care too much for the people around me sometimes. I should stop doing that. It is stupid.
  12. Please, please! Don't try to choose for me what is best for me. Don't tell me you don't want to hurt me. It wont be the first time and Im sure it wont be the last time either. Getting hurt is part of the process of life. So let me choose if it will hurt me or not. Thank You and thanks for caring but no... Let me decide that!
  13. Always respect your elders. Learned the hard way [at least my parents.. my grandparents are saints haha..] But thanks to someone I learned that I do have to respect my parents. Im sorry I did that "in front" of you. Wont happen again.
  14. Hennessy , Bacardi Mojito and J√§germeister are pretty good. Now all together not that good if you know what I mean. Thank you!
  15. I liked the tweetup very much. Looking forward to the next one but with no alcohol this time. HA! It was nice meeting in real life the people I spent most of my morning/lunch/noon/afternoon/night/midnight with.
  16. I think I'm liking too much the alcohol thing. 
  17. Cranberry juice is one of the best thing ever.
  18. I think that family trips [flying and such] are over. Will from now on travel with friends and such. Perhaps one or other family member but not together. I'm too old for that shit already.
  19. I really want a Wii for XMas but I've other priorities for now.
  20. Someone told me that S√∂ndag might get real heavy cause you wont ever get pregnant. Meh!
  21. Ouh!... Don't you ever say no to something you want or would like to have. I had this [hehe...] lets say offer that I said NO to then later on regretted. I know it did kept me thinking for a few days. It was something I could only dream of and it just happen that it was request not by me but to me and I said NOOO! stupid me. ahhh. Another day!! another day!! I didnt sleep that night after those words were mentioned. Still today can't believe I said no.
  22. I like my new blog layout.
  23. I like my new store .
  24. I'm reading the licencia de conducir book. So things are about to change soon.
  25. Facebook once again is taking over the world.
  26. I shouldn't have accepted all the people I have on my lists on facebook it might bring me some problems. Right now I really don't care but people are so noisy and stupid.
  27. Today is to so called BLACK FRIDAY but the governor fuck that up to. No huge sales this year. Thanks to thhe BLACK WEEK with NO IVU he gave when the no hurricane Omar visited us. Gotta love him.