Sondag "hunting"

So this is my dear cat "hunting" down a lizard that she have been following for like an hour. Been watching and watching until she finally got to him. Still she didnt harmed him çause he was outside the window screen. Oh! but she was sure she had him dead.

Like you have seen she is a great climber. I was trying to get her before she did that but when I stand up to get her she was already hanging on the screen. Remember that she was sterilized on friday so I've to keep her calmed so she doesnt ruined the surgery. She still haves an appointment to cut out the stitches. At least I know she is doing fine and that everything went just perfect on the surgery. Crazy cat. Gotta love her.


  1. Jajaja! What the fun?
    Bond, Sondag Bond!

  2. La nena esta pasa... pasaa... ya le estoy enseñando que no se puede estar trepando en los screen. porque lo ha cojido de moda desde anoche....

    but she is getting it... somehow. :D


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