The New Office

I started working in this place back in 2003 I think I don't even remember anymore. Thing is that it was a printshop then management changed and we stayed doing only the mailing part of the magazine. I work doing the mailing process. I am the one in charge of delivering the magazine the way the post office demands and boy do they ask for stuff.

Anyways. I always went to work had many troubles cause none of the things were mine and still I had to check up that everything was there. People went in and out of the place so I gave up and didnt care at the end if things strangely disappear 'cause I addressed this problems to my bosses and they didn't care so why should I. I have enough issues working with the mailing already so whatever.

Since last month there have been rumors that we were going to be moved to other place 'cause they needed my space to make a room for guests. I was like about damn time. I've been asking for a new place or for them to fix it some how along the years but never happened. There are a lot of useless machines from the printshop and other people stuff like it was a garage or something. The last thing/ huge problem we had were rats. Huge rats. So yes I wanted to move ASAP.

Thing is that this week on monday they tell me hey we are going to move you were the library used to be. I was like well that is good. I like that place it is smaller more private and I can control everything and best of all no one haves to go there except for me or my co-workers.

Tuesday I get to work and all of the sudden I have to move out 'cause they are starting construction. They are late and the room haves to be done by end of the month. Confusion cause I have a lot of stuff to move, tables, trays, desks, the magazine that is in order already. To make things worst I wasn't going to be around to see if they moved the right things and leave them in order. I just had time to point out the things I needed and leave to the post office to deliver the issue we already had ready. So I leave and when I come back it is all moved to my "new" office.

It bothered me that I've been asking for them to do something there. Make it more human habitat and it never happened. Now out of the blue just 'cause they need the place for some guests it is all done. Years asking for them to do this and in one fucking day it is done. Still I am quite happy that we moved what I didnt like was the bad timing and no notice about the so soon moving part. In two days I organized and cleaned the whole thing. We now have our own little space . There are no other keys to get in besides mine which means PRIVACY finally no one running randomly thru my working space. I have a microwave, toaster, fridge, TV [working on the dvd HA!], great A/C and lots of space to work. Oh, the best part is NO freaking RATS!!!

>> the place I used to work at.

>> This is the way it looks now empty. They are making a room.

>> This is the place we moved to before the moving. [it was a "library"]

>> This is the way my NEW OFFICE looks now :D