Whats the Rumor?

The Rumor is that I got a new cellphone. And yeah it is called Rumor by LG for Sprint . It is great so far but hey it is only a day. It was time for an upgrade from my LG Fusic. Plus I now have internet on it. Yeah finally.

On other note:
I just read some reviews and well not all of them were that great so I will try it out for one or two weeks. To see who it works if that doesn't help out or show problems I shall decide if I keep it our change it.

This morning I almost call the Sprint seller to see if I could change for a Palm Centro phone cause of some internet things I didn't enjoyed that much last night. I honestly don't like the way photos look. A bit too dark sometimes, haves no flash and couldn't rotate the pics.

Also I remembered this will be my phone for the next two years and I want one that can work until that time in all its matters. I will be paying for internet service so I have to make sure the phone will work that out well. Honestly I don't feel all that secure.

Anyways here are some pics of my new gadget.