This I've Learned: Week no. 42 year 2008

  1. This past few weeks I haven't been around as I should.
  2. I didn't even put the weekly reports of my diet thing.
  3. Now I am sick. I am breathing with difficulty cause seems I have the flu.
  4. Twitter is not the same anymore. Perhaps my time there is done. Went did what I had to now fly away from there. You know "personas de momentos". Cada vez que pasa algo lo confirmo.
  5. Im loving my cellphone still so it is a keeper
  6. Omar the hurricane didn't showed up after all. Thanks God.
  7. I can't stand the fucking iPhone frenesi. People here are going crazy about that.
  8. Last night I had one of the most surprising request ever. Nothing abnormal but surely unexpected. Still it was good.
  9. I am a INFP (Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perceiving) is an acronym used in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) publications to refer to one of the sixteen personality types.
  10. Also I am a Idealistic 
  11. Los debates politicos de estas semanas han sido un desastre. Aqui y en EU. Same shit. Too much blah blah para nada.
  12. People get tired of me. Nothing that I didn't knew before.
  13. I feel so dumb.
  14. 10 more weeks for the year to be done. So fast.
  15. I still don't understand what happen.
  16. I made a photo set on flickr just for the photos I upload via email from the phone.
  17. Started something. Like the voice. Might hang out someday. Not sure. 
  18. I love this photo. Took it this morning on the way to work. Love the colors on it. Ave. Baldorioty de Castro.

Good morning!