About: HTC Touch Keyboards

If you have been following my blog you already know I got a new HTC Touch for Sprint. I already posted about that here Touching is totally good.
On the comments @mrcos asked about the keyboards.

So to make him and other people interested on this matter happy I took photos of my cellphone keyboards and shared them. I did looked them up on the net but didn't find all the options available or the ones from my cellphone. I did found of the other HTC phones.

I found the Keyboard and the Full QWERTY to be the easiest one to use for me. You will rely a lot on the stylus since the keyboards are quite little. I can type but if you have big hands/fingers you will need it for almost everything. Remember this HTC Touch unit is quite petite. On the Full QWERTY option you will see ABC > T9 option too. I really don't use this very often but I know people like this option.

The HTC Touch cellphone comes with 7 keyboard options:
  1. Block Recognizer
  2. Letter Recognizer
  3. Touch Keyboard
  4. Touch Keypad
  5. Full QWERTY
  6. Keyboard
  7. Transcriber

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