Weekly Report: 21 - 27 Sep 2008

Diet Weekly Report: 21 - 27 Sep 2008

Like I said on the post The thing with diets I am going to post here my weekly report on this matter. 

I started with 215 pounds and this week I lost 6.4 pounds. It might not be a lot for you guys but for me it is huge. This weekend I went over the tops eating at Popeyes. Should have know that but I did it anyways. gain that day 1,917 calories. Wont ever do it again. My final goal for now is to reach the 165 pounds.

Sticking to water have helped a lot. Drank 344 .oz . I still trying to get close to the 400 .oz a week. I dis started the walks but did it one day only. got late from work so i stoped. This week I will be on it again and try to keep doing it daily.

My weekly reports are from Sunday to Saturday. The website were Im keeping track of feed changed my calories program from 1200/1550 to 1290/1640 but I want to stay on the 1200/1550 so will check that later to see if I can change it. I might go berserk on food if i keep those calories. 

I have a profile page [ImReavel] at the SparkPeople page so you go visit and also check there the fitness and food charts. If you are planning on getting fit for whatever reason I do recommend you the page. Great people and easy to use. You just have to commit to it and be honest when you fill the blanks provided.

Weekly Stats:
Weight: 208.6 - 9/26/2008
Lost: 6.4 #
Calories: 7,514
Water: 344 .oz [43 vasos 8 .oz]
Exercise: Walk on Threadmill: 45min
               Standing Side bend w/towel: 3sets 15reps [2days]
               Hip Flexor: 3sets 15reps 

Anyways here are the charts:



  1. Dale que yo voy a ti, 6.5 libras perdidas es mejor que nada. Espero que la sigas esa dieta y llegues a un peso normal y así no pongas en riesgo a que se te presenten complicaciones de salud. Eres joven pero eso no quiere decir que te descuides. En estos días supe la muerte del sobrino de una amiga mía que falleció a los 27 anos de edad por la obesidad. Murió durmiendo, por eso me alegra el que hayas tomado esta decisión de volver a una dieta y espero que esta vez sea enserio. DTB, mi lil' sis...un abrazote


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