Totally Absolut

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I used to collect bottles of many kinds. They had to be different, have a special thing on it. Anything that called my attention would make it to my collection. I had to stop since I had like two boxes of them. All empty bottles.

Absolut Vodka bottle is one of those bottles that I never got to add to my collection. I always wanted one. I always loved their bottle and their ad campaigns. They always go the extra limit. Using all art in all its expresion to represent its greatness. Always clever, always simple and always avant garde.

Last year they came out with the Absolut 100. This new vodka is 50% alcohol and will surely give you a kick when you drink it. Like i said they always have this great concepts for their products. This time they went even further. They just made the bottle black with silver typos/lettering which is a great combination always. They also made a video which is very well made. Great music and animations.

The animations are part of an exclusive event campaign developed by K-MB and NoMoreSleep. Animation by Timo Boese/Lowerground and David Kamp made the sound (presentation edit version). The clip is shown nationwide in Germany at the launchevents on various formats (screens, displays, beamer, pinball machines, etc.) It is all black and white showing messages made with typos, silhouettes of people doing different activities, having fun enjoy their lives.