Things I Learned: September 2008

The month of September have been good, bad and well many things. Here I will share the "highlights" of the things I learned these past few days.
  1. Remember that the people that follow you on Google Reader arent able to see or notice if you made changes on your blog. [@mrcos thanks for this side note]. Therefore you should somehow inform them about the changes you made in order to be appreciated.
  2. Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers are great. At least the Grilled Basil Chicken and the Grilled Chicken Marinara are awesome. I even ate the broccoli and I didn't ate broccoli before in my life.
  3. Drinking water does help on diets a lot. I finally got on one and it is working so far. All thanks to the water and the commitment to it. Eat healthy and some exercise should do the trick for what you need.
  4. Drinking water will also make you go more frequently to the bathroom. Now you know.
  5. I don't like to work alone the whole week. Still it is good cause it lets me blog and surf on the net as long as I want to since I'm using my laptop at work there is no problem.
  6. Pay attention to the weather . Some might worry more of a hurricane but forget the damn tropical storms.  Which with some rain could be even worst. Note: Puerto Rico pay attention to this one.
  7. It's cool to have secret or personal conversations with hidden messages that only the parts involved knows what the hell it is all about. Lovely and interesting. 
  8. If you asked for the cards/coupon for the Digital TV transition issue in 2009 before june you are literally fucked up if you live in Puerto Rico. We have two in our house but the stores here couldn't afford the demand of the product so now the cards expired and we can't use it. Thank you mega-stores. [if someone knows about this please do leave comment I want to use at least one of the cards].
  9. The Instinct phone for Sprint seems cool but is too darn expensive. $99 a month? Hell no thank you. Shall go with Rumor, Palm or Blackberry instead. 
  10. You have to learn when to say no, when to stop and when to say yes. You can't go on saying everything at the same time. You and the people around you will get confused and that WILL bring you trouble.Thrust me on this one.
  11. is AWESOME!!! It is like twitter but for music and it does update automatically to twitter when you post it. Have found great music to share with other DJs. Yes you get to be called a DJ on since you are the one choosing the songs to  be played on your station. People gives you props when they like your tunes. Listen to my Station.
  12. If at the place that you work you have to sign in with a firm the hours/days that you work. DO it. if you don't you wont get paid. Luckily for me I am getting paid double this week cause I forget to put my working days/hours on the signing sheet. So I will have two checks this weekend. YEY!
  13. Discovered a few new music for me: Alpha, Chikinki, Trentemoller, Royksopp, Nouvelle Vague, Bread, IMonster and Emiliana Torrini.
  14. Also Re-Discovered some music for example didnt knew Rolling Stones had answers to my questions like You can't always get what you want and Complicated.
  15. Jason Mraz from now on will have a special place in my life with every time I listen to this I will remember good things in my life You and I Both and Plane.
  16. Wilson Pickett is a singer. Don't ask he just sings. What he sings well check it out [link]. He was like James Brown clone [ha ha]
  17. Sometimes you connect with some people to a point you never ever expected. This might give you an insight of what you are really capable to do and accept from others and yourself. Just remember that you will always learn something.
  18. Friendship before flesh. ALWAYS!!!!
  19. I miss the rainy days of last week. Really bad.