Firefly... music to what?

Firefly. That is the real name of a song that I have on my music list every were but it doesn't have that title. When I downloaded the file the title said music to f**k to [read the bottom of page] I was like impressed by the name so I downloaded it. After obtaining the song and listening to it I have to say that the title is justified.

The song is so soothing, mellow and tripy. Totally takes you on this unique trip thru emotions, feelings and desires. After seeking for some time I found some info pointing to Portishead cause it also said it was from them. That fact was weird in a way cause it could sound some how like them but the voice doesn't fit with them. I gave up on the music creator hunting. Yesterday I looked up for it and heard it. Told myself I have to find how sings the damn song cause it cant be Portishead and the title can't be music to f**k to.

I just remembered the part were the singer says  "-I walk the way the wind blows" so i did a lyric search and "-Eureka!" I found out the info. The band is Alpha [they are from the Bristol, UK circa 90's] and are from the same period of Portishead and Massive Attack reason why it was labeled under them. The song name is Firefly not music to f**k to thanks God. I also finally read the whole lyric which is amazing.

It was originally released in 1997 in the cd Come from heaven. The original version is very different from the version that I heard still it is good the voice is the same mellow tranquil voice. The voice of the song is provided by Martin Barnard. Later in 1998 they release the cd Pepper: Remixes and Rare Tracks which contain the version that most every body loves named Firefly [Reciever Remix] with the same guy singing. The re-mixer name is well Reciever [go figure] he works in other tracks with Alpha too.

Yes I did my homework, thank you.

You can find more info at this links:


  1. Ummm, deliciosa esta canción. Ni la conocía ni conocía a la banda, a pesar de que soy fan de Portishead y Massive Attack. Millones de gracias Reavel, que bueno que cada vey que te visito acabo terminando la visita con un regalo o una sonrisa (el mejor de todos los regalos). Un abrazote!!!

  2. Ahh gracias Vero :D
    se le agradece que se de la vuelta y salga contenta de su visita.

  3. Buoníssima!
    Así que la bajaste por averiguá? Jaja!
    Así es como se han descubierto los grandes hallazgos de la humanidad.

    La canción se presta a lo que querramos, sea volar como libelulita, o bailar al volcán.
    Está excelente!
    Quiero más, pero no tengo chavos. :D

    Gracias por la info tan detallá de tu búsqueda.

  4. Well the universe is like small now days. Someone did the great favor of sending me all their music asi que los interesados email me. :D esta some where en el blog. Y de mas esta decir que it was so worth it son geniales.

    Y pues si por averigua ha ha mal pero bueno no me arrepiento. al contrario happy de mi presentamiento. :D


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