US vs China over Phelps popularity.

I was checking my stats and I found out a post about Michel Phelps and his popularity in China. Thing is that  this post Chinese Blog Removes Michael Phelps Post: 'Why Write About Him? China Is Doing Well' talks about this other entry As he swims into history, Phelps gets little attention in China. In this International Herald Tribune the writer Jeré Longman states that:
Late last year, or early this year, Brownell said, her colleague, Yi Jiandong, wrote a blog on a popular Web site about how many medals Phelps might win, which brought a vehement response.

"It incited a lot of attacks on him from ultranationalists, who thought that by simply describing Phelps's quest, he was saying the U.S. was better than China," Brownell said, adding that the blog was eventually removed from the site, QZone.

"My guess," Brownell said, "is that with China doing so well, winning so many gold medals, leading the count, it may be an editorial policy that if you give too much attention to Michael Phelps, there could be a danger of inciting ultranationalism: 'Why are you writing about him when China is doing so well?' They are sensitive to ultranationalism. They know the world is watching. They don't want any ugliness."
This means that China indirectly doesnt want people posting more about other athletes when their athlethes are going so well. cuase it could ruin their image etc. That is some internal/editorial whatever policy. I understand that. That is the goverment issue and way to work there. sO we have to at some point respect that. 
The author of the blog Chinese Blog Removes Michael Phelps Post... commented on this manner:
It's only natural that the Chinese care more about the sports they dominate, just as Americans care more about the sports we dominate. But to remove a blog post simply because it focuses on Phelps is ridiculous.
After that I went to read the comments just to see what people was capable of commenting about this issue. What I found? What you think? The total ignorance of some people insulting China becuase of this. To make matters more interesting must of them were ignorant people that still think that USA is the biggest thing ever and that the rest of the world should do as US pleases.
Example of the comments:
If the United States made it mandatory for the best genes to be taken away from their families at the age of three and pushed in all aspects of athletic training their entire young life with "Pride of America" ridding on their shoulders focused in their growing minds, And we allowed all of our true professionals to compete in these "Amateur" games I think we would win 90% of the medals, I am sick of hearing about the Chinese sensitivity!!! who cares about who they think they are.....would you want to live in their smoggy hell hole? no! Fake freedom every you look.....Give me a break the only thing that puts China on the big boy playing field is the fact that they have 1 fifth of the worlds population, other that that and the secrets they stole to make nukes, take that away and their just a bunch of rice farmers......
Screw hurting their poor sensitivity.....
Congrats to Phelps, and the rest of the Olympians from all Free countries that work hard and do well.

Sick of China already....and oh yea.....We need to buy all of our debt back from them....We should allow them nothing to hold over our heads, they take China pride to a stratus level that is ridiculous
Now that made me think and I went nuts writing, but I contained myself and just posted what it says there on #17 [you should check the links they are good] still this is what I wrote originally:
What happens in China and with their people that is their problem and way of living. If they dont want it, they just dont want it there. It is not ridiculous. That is what they have been taught since forever and are used to. You don't mess in their home politic/domestic/international/rights problems that is for them to fix and deal with.

Still that doesn't give anybody the right to talk like many have talked about them.

Why be so proud about your perfection when many of the  things you have on the USA are Made by Chinese hands? Who is in debt with China? Hmmm? Are they still rice farmers when they make your fabulous trendy expensive clothing [becuase it is cheaper than in the states cause no one wants their hands dirty or work 14 hrs. cause most would rather look like rock stars even when they can't afford it], when they made paper, gun powder [that US loves to use in their "justified" wars] and your country is in debt with them, etc. I dont think so.

This events are for uniting countries not to divide them. China history goes for 5,000 years and is very very rich. Read some history do some research. In many parts we [the modern world/free countries as well] have to be thankful for all the things they develop. People should show some respect.

To end this I just have to say that after reading all the comments and ignorance in other pages related to the US debt to China people are really stupid and waste their time in school if they even go. I mean how can you call this people rice farmers when they have [like I said before] achieved so much for the world. With a history so big and rich: "China has one of the world's oldest people and continuous civilizations, consisting of states and cultures dating back more than six millenniums."

Some still believe that US owns the world. Well reality check is that US [kind of] belongs to China and Japan. That makes me wonder who are the rice farmers now? Gosh their ignorance is HUGE. Europe is getting all the attention and US is borrowing money to keep up the "wars" they have. They care more of wars than of the people. The government just brain wash you saying US is #1 but the facts say other things. Just read the news paper use the internet for other things rather than porn, gossip, celebrity shit and stupidity.

I enjoy the games. I enjoy Phelps and his achievements but come on people get real. Stop your stupid over powered egocentricity. Maybe that is the reason why many countries don't get along with your ideas. Still they welcome you to their country. China have been trough lots of things Dynasties, Communism and now they are "trying" to make some changes and US wont stop them like it or not. I don't think that US will be strong like it used to be even if they pay all those debts they have. So watch out with what you say now cause you never know. Learn from President Bush [this is one of the things you can actually learn from him] and stick your tongue in your rear end. Smile, bow and wave. Just enjoy the games.