Things I Learned: Orlando, Florida

As many of you know I've been in Orlando since July16. Today I finally go back home. For good or worst I want to get back. I am tired of Florida already. I had fun but I miss my bed [I slept on the carpet tonight, couldn't sleep on the recliner and Im getting old for this shit.] and other stuff plus I want my own space back. As always there are in no special order they are just on the order I reminded them.
  1. Orlando is cool but is getting way too crowded. That fucks up the safety issues. On the weekends there is always police around the tourist areas.
  2. Downtown Orlando Church Street Station is gorgeous. You should go there. Watch out for the constructions.
  3. Loved the happy hours and random places we went to eat, spend money, have fun etc.
  4. Theme Parks got way too expensive now. Overall Disney get the crown on this one. So honestly...think about bringing your kid. Wait for them to be older so they can really have fun and wont be sleeping all the day on the stroller.
  5. The sun and heat is horrendous when it does come out.
  6. Watch for the damn thunderstorms they can ruin all your freaking plans. If you see a grey cloud believe me it WILL rain. There are no maybe.
  7. There are tolls/turnpikes everywhere. Still depending on were you are going they are less expensive than the ones in PR.
  8. People will tell you that everything is like 30 minutes from here. Not true.
  9. Going there are not so many orange trees on the road. Only houses and lots of house developments/projects.
  10. Florida is Walmart's world. I've never believed I would see so many of them. They also fuck up the rest of the industry. They seem to do that everywere. I noticed this more on the way to Georgia. It is sad.
  11. Puertoricans [sadly to say, not all but many of them] are taking their bad behavior and expressing it here in all the wrong places. Tocan bocina, hacen cortes, se tiran por el paseo, salen en rolos a la tiendas it sucks people. Orlando doesnt need that. In fact Nobody does.
  12. People that work on the tolls are user friendly.
  13. Family gatherings are good in smaller groups.
  14. It is an excellent time to buy a house but a really BAD time to sell one. House prices are "cheap". Many contractors and developers are bankrupt cause they cant sell the projects at the prices expected.
  15. Gas is freaking expensive here. [this applies every were in fact]
  16. Going to the movies is expensive $10 the ticket and the small soda 12.oz $3.75 alone.
  17. On the theme parks bottle water [$2.79 each] is more expensive than soda [$2.79 each]. My advise at least for Sea World bring your own.
  18. Always carry with you a plastic poncho with out he mickey mouse. Thanks.
  19. Oh Please dont go to the rest of the theme parks with the clothing you got a Disney. If it is Sea World we go with a t-shirt that says Universal or Magic Kingdom. I dont really care if you went there. Leave it for when you go back home. You ger people confused. Am I in Disney, Universal or Sea World?
  20. Clydesdale horses are HUGE. I mean really huge you dont want to see the extra feature it is kind of offensive. Damn...
  21. Warning! Right now as I type it seems the animals are Sea World are on mating season. I saw it. Don't take your kids to the dolphins feeding area unless you know how to explain the whole thing to your kids. I saw some parents all confused like what the fuck when the kids asked what they were doing. Hilarious.


  1. Ahhh, Orlando, esta cool y eso pero prefiero Texas, sobretodo porque no hay muchos boricuitas bestiales (al menos no en mi área) que son los que joden todo.


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