Things I learned: Family Reunion

This past week I had a family reunion. I learned some stuff and made other more clear.
  1. Dont you ever think that with time family will change. People wont evolve and change their ways of conducting towards other family members. It wont ever happen.
  2. Dont let your mother get too close to her sibilings. She might start behaving like them. That in NO way is good.
  3. Even when you miss your family a lot stay as far as you can stay. Call them or write to them instead of making a family reunion.
  4. Dont push people to gather up together. It wont happen.
  5. There will always be DRAMA. Always.
  6. Realize that your little cousins arent little anymore. That they grew up and are married with family. Things wont be the same like 10 years ago. 
  7. Yes your cousins kids think you are their aunt cause it is hard to explain them you are their cousins too. So they will call you titi all along the week.
  8. Dont go to theme parks with all your family. Make a plan spread the days so you can have time with all of them different days.
  9. Have lots of patience, an mp3 player, laptop, or something to distract you from the drama or whatever the problem is at that moment.
  10. Do stay in touch with your family but dont invite them all at the same time if you know there will be some issues between family members. You cant save your family.
  11. I am blessed cause I live far from them. Therefore Im not part of their dramas :D
  12. In case the place you rented have a pool. Use it after 9pm kids are sleeping at that time. You will have a good time in the pool and there wont be a sun that might burn you.
  13. If it is raining take the damn kids off the pool. It is hard to explain what an electric storm can do to them. Speacially in Florida. Dont make me tell you again "I told you so".
  14. En momentos de crisis pichea para loca y sal por la puerta mas cercana walk down the street.
  15. Put your name in all your belongings in the fridge so you can still have them the next morning.
  16. Dont cook. Let everyong go out and buy their own food or eat out. Everyone is on a dieat/haves to be on one and dont eat what you eat.
  17. Im starting to hate Florida. Big Time.
  18. You will get all the updates on your family issues without asking.
  19. Let them think you are anti-social. Let them think you dont care. they will ignore you and wont care to bother you with stupid things.
  20. It is good to know that they have no clue what you are made of when you grow up. They think you are stupid and like their kids but ahh feels good to know you are been understimated. Less chores. You are so smart no need to waste your time proving it to them. No USE.
  21. Life is good. Life is good. Family is something else. But you cant help to love them no matter how crazy they are. It is the only thing you have left. Even when you cant stand them most of the time. It is the only thing that you will have. I've lot of family and even when we have our issues as one I know that I cant count with them if I need something. Just try to deal with them one part at the time not all together.
  22. It will get insane when they are all under a same roof.


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  2. En mi caso las cosas serian diferentes... mi familia rara vez que se pelean. Recuerdo q la ultima vez fue hace casi 10 años atras y fue solamente entre dos miembros de la familia.

    Yo almenos me disfruto mucho las reuniones de mi familia, pero como tu, dejo que piensen que nunca crecí, que soy inmadura para que asi no me pongan a cocinar ni a hacer mierdas HAAHAHAHAhA!!

  3. @Shery

    Bueno mija I try pero es que ellos todos viven aca so tienen su issues. Uno llega a mitad de issues y no entiende nada pero tiene que aguantarse todos sus dramas aunque uno no entienda nada.

    Imaginate el primer dia ya habian unos que se iban a quedar en un hotel y no llevaban ni 10 minutos en la casa. todo el mundo estaba como que WTF!!!

    but I did had fun in the good times with no dramas pero se que pudo haber sido MUCHO mejor si solo hablaran clearly. you know. Still i love them.

  4. En España decimos: "en todas las familias se cuecen habas". Me refiero a que casi siempre hay un drama o una historia para no dormir en cada familia.
    La mía viene mañana de vacaciones por una semana y creo que se me va a hacer eterno!!
    Un saludo!

  5. This is totally true.I always make them think that I'm antisocial so they don't start with me.Still I love them very much. :)



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