Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great Puerto Ricans Painters

I finally found something about Puerto Rican art on Thanks to Kilikimakos we are able to go through the art made by the great Puerto Rican artists like Francisco Oller, Jose Campeche y Carlos Irrizary and many more.
Great Puerto Rican Painters is compossed by four videos.
Each video cover a time line that goes from 1751 to 1970.
Note from Kilikimakos
The painters are shown in chronological order according to the year of their birth. Puerto Rico has a rich art history, it is just a shame that the knowledge of this history is not more widespread. Well, this series on Puerto Rican painting is our way of trying to remedy that problem.
Part One: shows the paintings of artists from Jose Campeche(1751-1809) to Augusto Marin (1921- ). 
Part Two: shows the paintings of artists from Manuel Hernandez Acevedo (1921-1988) to Carlos Irizarry (1938- ).
Part Three: shows the paintings of artists from Fernando Diaz McKenna (1873-?) to Cecilio Colon Guzman
(1959- ).
Part Four: shows the paintings of artists from Eluard Dobal (1948- ) to Jaime Rosa (late 1960's or early 1970's?- ). 


  1. Me gusta mucho la pintura así que he disfrutado a saciedad todas las pinturas. Te felicito y agradezco tu interés en traernos este bello arte.

    Me pregunto si conoces el trabajo de Sixto Febus y de Carmen Mercedes Vázquez
    Ambos pintores puertorriqueños aún vivos. Esas son sus direcciones, por si acaso.


  2. El video no es mio solo lo postie porque se que no hay mucho del arte de Puerto Rico por ahi.

    Gracias por las informacion los vere mas adelante.



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